How to Complete Syllabus for NEET MDS in less than 4 Months?

NEET MDS is just a few months away. A majority of the candidates often get apprehensive seeing the vast syllabus.

Keeping in consideration that only a few months are left for the NEET MDS exam, we have devised this article which will share effective tips which will aid the candidates to complete the NEET MDS syllabus in less than 4 months.

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Effective Tips to Complete NEET MDS Syllabus in less than 4 Months 

I. Devise a Game Plan

Owing to the scarcity of time, devising a sound game plan is of utmost importance. 

Create an agenda for each study session and prepare a list of all the topics, chapters and concepts which you will be studying during each study session.


II. ‘Smart Work’ Instead of ‘Hard Work’

Owing to the scarcity of time for the NEET MDS exam, it’s the time for sound ‘SMART WORK’.

Analyse 5-6 previous year papers of AIPGDEE and prepare a list of all the important topics and high yielding topics.

Your major focus at this instant should be to prepare all the important topics at priority.

Leave the unimportant topics for the later stages.

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III. Select the Right Study Environment

Select a study environment which is well-lit and free from distractions. Pick up an environment which offers comfort and is noise free.

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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IV. Take Notes

Try to take notes in the form of short and concise points. Take notes of the important concepts, formulas and shortcuts. Notes greatly facilitate fast revision and help in retaining the data for a longer period.


V. Use Different Techniques to Study

Studying by using a variety of different techniques greatly aids learning and at the same time helps to make studying interesting. Mnemonics Devices greatly aid in learning and retaining the complicated terms and therefore, must be used wherever needed.

Flashcards can also be used to write the most important terms. Create two separate piles – a ‘Done’ pile and a ‘Needs more work’ pile.

Flashcards are especially useful to learn the difficult keywords or the complex terms.


VI. Practice Side by Side with Study

In order to complete the vast syllabus in the restricted time, you must practice MCQs side by side while preparing a topic.  This facilitates a better understanding of the concepts and also helps to learn the application of concepts.

Practicing side by side will greatly help in completing the voluminous syllabus in less than 4 months.


VII. Take Regular Breaks in between the Study Hours

Sitting in the same position for long hours can result in massive bouts of boredom. Taking small breaks regularly in between the study hours will help to boost your energy level and keep you vibrant and motivated for study.

Try to take energy-rich snacks and liquids in the breaks to push up your energy level and refresh your mind.

Take adequate rest and do recreational activities in the breaks to remain vibrant.


VIII. Evaluate Your Performance Side by Side/Attempt Mock Tests

To streamline your preparation for the NEET MDS exam and that too in restricted time, attempt topic-wise mock tests side by side in order to attain grip over  each topic and subject-wise mock tests to master each subject.

Try to devote the last 1 month to attempting full-length mock tests.  Take 2-3 mock tests each day during the last one month.

Review your performance after each mock test and identify your mistakes. Work on your weaknesses and try to reduce your mistakes with each attempt.

Also, work on your speed and accuracy by attempting speed tests. 

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IX. Do not refer to Too many books for the same topic

The habit of referring to too many books for the same topic significantly consumes a lot of precious time and puts the candidates in undue confusion.

This is because different authors use different techniques for explaining the concepts.

Refer to one good book for each subject and avoid referring to too many books.


X. Keep Away from Distractions

To make judicious use of time, you must stay away from distractions such as cell phones, laptops and social media.

Avoid spending too much time on Internet and cell phones since every minute now is crucial for preparation.

Avoid spending too much time on recreational activities such as hanging out with friends or playing games.


We hope that the tips listed above if implemented efficiently will surely aid the aspirants to prepare the extensive syllabus in less than 4 months.

Stay Tuned for the latest updates on the NEET MDS 2019 preparation!

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