How to study OMR in less than 4 Months for NEET MDS 2017 

Oral Medicine and Radiology (OMR) forms the very backbone of Dental Diagnosis and is highly indispensable even if you look at its weight age in the NEET MDS.

Dentists are often apprehensive of OMR since it has a very vast syllabus and therefore, dentists find it really difficult to prepare OMR for NEET MDS 2019.

Keeping the candidates’ concern in mind, we have compiled this article which will share tips on how to prepare OMR for NEET MDS 2017 in less than 4 months.

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Tips to Prepare OMR in Less than 4 Months for NEET MDS 2019

I. Classifications and definitions

  • Make flash cards of different classifications and definitions of terminologies.
  • Categorize them into a pile of “DONE” and “NOT DONE”.
  • Go through them again and again after every study session, they will help you solve diagnosis questions by the method of exclusion.
  • For example - The origin of different odontogenic tumors is the basis of its classification and if a clinical question comes with a patient whose age is mentioned, using the classification and age factor you can deduct which dental remnant caused it and arrive at its diagnosis.


II. Radiographic features

  • Assign different flash cards for each special radiograph.
  • Attach notes telling for diagnosis of which anomaly is this view preferred.
  • For example - Jughandle view is used to see the fracture of the Zygomatic arch.
  • Also, mention the lesions in which radiographic features are not seen but still they have a differential diagnosis of diseases which have them.
  • Note down special radiographic appearances like Honeycomb, snow driven, soap bubble, etc.
  • Alternatively, you can make a table comparing normal with affected tissue for quick references with each lesion. 


III. Management

  • Always make notes with 3 headings: Conventional Management, Surgical Management and New Methods.
  • Try to understand which drugs are involved rather than their names.
  • For example - Remember systemic steroids are used in Bullous pemphigoid rather than some complicated name of new steroid that you will probably forget.
  • However always remember that one drug you give when the patient is resistant to conventional therapy and other added adjuvants.
  • Be aware of new therapeutic measures like plasmapheresis, etc.
  • Special attention to anomalies which are self-limiting.


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IV. Radiology

  • With the questions becoming more clinically oriented and awareness of radiation hazards, the focus has shifted to radiographic processing and biohazards.
  • ALARA principles, techniques which decrease radiation exposure, CBCT etc are the new trend.
  • Write down basics like angulations, basic values, parameters and remember them. They will form your baseline for radiographic interpretation.


V. Syndromes, Triads and synonyms

  • These are asked very frequently, hence it is very important to familiarize your-self with different names of the same disease and the syndromes associated with it.
  • Also, many controversial lesions are always shifting from cyst to tumor or tumors to the cyst, always look these up.
  • Also, include the basic forensic dentistry and age estimation in your important topics. They are the future of dentistry and hence a hot topic in NEET MDS.

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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We are sure that the candidates can definitely excel in their preparation of OMR for NEET MDS 2019 by adhering to the aforesaid tips.

Stay Tuned for the latest updates on the NEET MDS Preparation!

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