Problems Faced by BDS Graduates Today 

In this era of intense competition, the BDS Graduates often face a lot of difficulties even after 5 years of intense hard work and spending voluminous amount of money on education.

There was a golden era of dentistry when the BDS Graduates got high-level jobs without much effort and grew prosperous in a short while.

The competition level has grown astronomically in the past 10-15 years with 25,000-30,000 graduates passing out every year.

This article will throw light on the problems commonly faced by BDS Graduates in this era.


Difficulties Faced by BDS Graduates

I. Standard of Education

The quality of education imparted to BDS graduates in Private Dental Colleges and Private universities has deteriorated over the years.

A Majority of the private dental colleges have less than adequate infrastructure. Further, the staff in the private colleges lacks proper skills and knowledge.  The staff members are more engaged in their private practice and devote comparatively less time to teaching.

A majority of the private dental colleges encourage the students to complete their Internship at an outside Institution.  At such institutions, the quality of practical training imparted is below average.

As a result, students do not get adequate clinical exposure and lack the essential skills and training.

Consequently, candidates face difficulty in getting highly paid jobs.


II. Increasing Unemployment/Lack of Job Opportunities

With an ever-increasing number of Dentists passing out every year, the Job opportunities are comparatively less.

Jobs in the Government Sector are limited.  Private Dental Hospitals have merely 1-2 positions for Dentists and the salary offered to fresher dentists is very low. 

The sole reason for the increasing unemployment is the imbalance in the demand and supply of dental professionals. The job opportunities are less whereas the dental professionals in the country are increasing year after year.

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III. Poor Returns

The life of Dentists was entirely different a decade ago. Dentists emphasized more on private practice.

As a result, Dentists focused more on improving their Clinical Skills. Further, the cost involved in setting up a clinic 10 years ago was comparatively low and dentists recovered their money in a span of 2-3 years. Gradually, dentists grew prosperous after a few years.

In today’s scenario, the cost involved in setting up a competent Dental Clinic is humongous.   

This can be attributed to the high cost of the dental equipment  and  the money invested in setting       up the Clinic can only be recovered after a large number of years.


IV. Intense Competition in Private Practice/High Risk

Due to an ever increasing number of Dental Graduates, private practice is accompanied by intense competition.

In order to cope up with the competition, dentists charge lower fees at the beginning.  As a result, they end up earning a very low monthly income.

Also, there is a high risk involved in establishing a private clinic. Owing to the intense competition, there is no guarantee of the business growing successful.  This is primarily because of the saturation of dental market in the urban areas. 

In the rural areas, private practice is not viable owing to lower returns.

Consequently, dental graduates face a lot of financial problems.


V. Lack of Opportunities in the Dental Colleges

A decade ago, candidates opting for MDS/PG were very low and BDS graduates had the opportunity for getting jobs in Dental Colleges with a respectable salary.

Nowadays, the minimum qualification for recruitment as a lecturer in Dental Colleges is MDS. Although there is a provision for recruiting BDS Graduates, the salary offered is merely Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3500.

This has led to severe unemployment.

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VI. Alternative Career Pathways adopted by Dental Graduates

The above stated reasons have forced the candidates to look outside their vocation for a rewarding career.

Some opt for overseas where the career and growth prospects are better after an initial period of struggle. Courses like Public Health, Clinical Research, HealthCare Management and Administrative Services are gaining popularity amongst the Dental Graduates since they offer better opportunities.

If pursued from good Institutions, these courses offer good career prospects in the Pharmaceutical Companies and Corporate health care.

Some candidates opt for insurance sector while some consider working at KPO units.


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Surely, the difficulties listed above are faced by a majority of BDS graduates in the country.

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Nonetheless, Every Dark Cloud has a Silver Lining.

In the coming article, we will tell you the Solutions to Counter these Difficulties and surf over our challenges to be successful!

Stay Tuned!

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