Solutions to Counter Problems Faced by BDS Graduates

In the previous article, we highlighted the problems and difficulties faced by almost all BDS Graduates in this era. It has been observed in the past few years that the level of interest of the students in Dentistry has consistently declined.

This can be attributed to numerous reasons discussed in our previous article. This article will now cast light on the Solutions to Counter Problems Faced by BDS Graduates.


Solutions to Counter Problems Faced by BDS Graduates

I. A Single Entrance Exam for BDS Admissions

There is a vital need to conduct a single entrance exam for admission to BDS in all Government and Private Dental Colleges across the country.

This would facilitate transparency in the admission process and help to curb corruption.

Also, this would ensure admission on pure merit basis and reduce the chances of undeserving candidates getting admitted into Colleges by paying bribes.

It would ensure assessment of the candidates’ purely on intellect and merit basis and bring equality in the admission process.

GOOD NEWS!! NEET MDS is one such exam that is going to be held this year for admission into MDS courses. Hence, dental graduates have a better chance than ever to be fairly selected for PG courses.


II. Frame Rules on Quality of Education & Infrastructure

Private Dental Colleges usually lack the infrastructure and the quality of education imparted is poor.

As a result, the dentists passing out the private dental colleges usually lack the necessary knowledge and skills.

DCI must frame strict laws and rules to maintain the quality of education imparted and ensure that the college is equipped with adequate infrastructure.

What you can do?

To overcome the weaknesses of your colleges, you can get exposed to a good clinical practice even if it pays you less to hone your clinical skills. It may seem like a waste of time now, but later on it is going to be the foundation of your career!


III. Increasing Job Opportunities in Government Hospitals & Primary Health Centres 

There is an acute dearth of job opportunities for the Dentists in the Government Sector.  Consequently, the interest level of the students in Dentistry has substantially declined.

The Government must create new posts of Dentists in the Government Hospitals and Primary Health Centres to deal with Unemployment issue.

Creating new posts for the dentists would encourage the students to take up dentistry and overcome the problems faced by Dentists in the country.

What you can do?

Try enhancing your skill sets and apply for jobs where you have a potential for growth if not money at the moment. That way, even if the govt job vacancies come out; you have an edge over other candidates who did not gain experience.

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IV. Launching Dental Awareness Programs

The Government should launch Oro Dental Awareness programs to impart Dental Health Education to increase oral health awareness especially amongst the rural population.

Creating oral health awareness amongst the rural population would in turn encourage Private Practice. This would aid in curbing Unemployment and motivate the Dentists to take up Private Practice in rural areas.

What you can do?

You can organize dental camps in your colonies and tell people about the bad effects of the quack culture. Even if it doesn’t get you employment, it will benefit you if you want to apply abroad or in MPH courses as this can be counted as community service in your CV


V. Increasing Job opportunities in the Rural Areas 

Dentists often find it difficult to establish a private clinic in the urban areas since the cost of setting up and running the clinic is humongous.

On the other hand, it is relatively easier to set up a clinic in the rural areas.

The Government should increase the job opportunities for the Dentists in the rural areas. The Government should also offer lucrative incentives to Dentists serving in the rural areas.

What you can do?

Opening up a clinic in rural area will be both a philanthropic as well as an easier option for students who need to migrate to big cities from their hometown. First of all your competition decreases, secondly since you can connect with the locals better than people from big cities. You can establish a loyal clientele!

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VI. Regular Inspections and Checks by DCI

In order to ensure quality of education and ensure that the colleges are equipped with adequate infrastructure, DCI must frame Teams and conduct Regular Inspections in Private Dental Colleges across the country.

What you can do?

Make the best of what is provided and use internet as a powerful tool to learn and stay in touch with advancements in dentistry. Also attend conferences, even though they seem wasteful but they are very important to make contacts in dentistry as well as stay updated about the new trends!

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VII. Dental Colleges not fulfilling the Requirements laid down by the DCI should be Shut Down

In order to maintain quality of dental professionals, dental colleges not fulfilling the requirements laid by the DCI must be shut down. 

Last of all, not all things can be changed instantly! Every career experiences a recession period some day or another. The dental recession is about to end with new reforms like NEET, but it will do so gradually at its own pace.

However one must keep in mind, a doctor’s graph always goes in an upward direction, slow and steady. You will not retire when you are 58 or 62!  This fraternity will be an integral part of you forever. Just don’t lose hope and keep on striving! Hard work and perseverance will get you there!!


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