Most Important Topics of Oral Medicine & Radiology for NEET MDS 2017

Oral Medicine & Radiology is a highly significant subject in the NEET MDS exam. This subject carries a lot of weight age in the NEET MDS exam.

A majority of the candidates find this subject really challenging owing to its extensive syllabus.

In consideration of this, we have compiled a list of the Most-Important Topics of OMR which would provide assistance in preparing for OMR.


Most Important Topics of Oral Medicine

Chapter Name

Most Important Topics

Ulcerative, Vesicular and Bullous lesions

Herpes simplex

Erythema Multiforme

Aphthous stomatitis

Pemphigus vulgaris

ANUG, Tzanck test

Difference between Papule, Macule, Vesicle, Bulla and Pustule


Red and White lesions

Lichen planus


OSMF, Candidiasis

Psoriasis, SLE

White Spongy Nevus


Pigmentation Of Oral Tissues


Acrodynia, Plumbism

Café Au Lait Spots

Peutz jegher’s Syndrome

Addison’s Disease


Benign Tumors Of Oral Cavity



Stafne Bone Cyst


Gingival Enlargements

Paget’s Disease

Fibrous Dysplasia

Giant Cell Granuloma

Pleomorphic Adenoma


Oral cancer

Premalignant Lesion and Conditions

OSMF, Rodent Ulcer

Carcinoma Of Tongue


Malignant Melanoma, TNM Staging

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Kaposi Sarcoma, Oncogenes

Carcinoma In Situ, Post Radiation Mucositis


Diseases Of Tongue And Lips

Bald Tongue, Geographic Tongue

Amyloidosis, Hunter’s Glossitis

Glossodynia, Fissured Tongue

Angular Cheilitis, Ankyloglossia

Hairy Tongue, Dysgeusia


Salivary Gland Diseases

Sjogren Syndrome, Sialography

Xerostomia, Sialorrhoea

Sialoliths, Sialadenitis

Sialadenosis, Parotitis

Pleomorphic Adenoma, Ranula


Disorders of TMJ

TMJ Arthritis, TMJ Ankylosis

MPDS, Subluxation

Myositis Ossificans, Trismus

Drugs To Relieve Spasm


Ionizing Radiations and Regressive Alterations In Oral Cavity

Attrition, Abrasion

Erosion, Abfraction

Resorption Of Teeth

Dead Tracts, Pink’s Disease



Odontologic Diseases

Amelogenesis Imperfecta

Dentinogenesis Imperfecta

Developmental Anomalies Of Shape Of Teeth

Turner Hypoplasia, Oligodontia

Hutchinson Triad, Fordyce Granules

Globulom Axillary Cyst, Gardner Syndrome


Orofacial Pain

Trigeminal Neuralgia, Atypical Odontalgia

Migraine, Bell’s Palsy, MPDS, TENS

Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia

Alarm Clock Headache


Bacterial, Viral and Infectious Diseases of Oral Cavity

Periapical Granuloma, Osteomyelitis

Herpetic Gingivo stomatitis, Behcet Syndrome

Ludwig’s Angina, Pyogenic Granuloma

Syphilitic Lesions In Oral Cavity, Scrofula

Oral Manifestations Of HIV Infection

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, Koplik Spots


Diseases of Endocrine, Respiratory, CVS, Git

Hyperparathyroidism, Acromegaly

Oral Manifestations Of Diabetes Mellitus

Dental Considerations Of Thyroid Patients


Metabolic Disorders

Rheumatic Fever, Avitaminosis

Multiple Myeloma, Infective Endocarditis

Bence Jones Proteinuria 


Hematologic Diseases

Purpura, Anaemias

Infectious Mononucleosis, Cooley’s Anaemia

Schilling Test

Plummervinson Syndrome



Blood Picture, Biopsy, Cytology

Toluidine Blue Test, Paulbunnel Test

Immunofluorescence, Age Estimation

Western Blot Test, Halitosis, Corticosteroids

Oral Penicillins, Metronidazole

Anaphylactic Shock, Lipschutzbdies

Melkersson – Rosenthal Syndrome

Ascher Syndrome, Eagle Syndrome

Bite Marks, Lip Prints

Papillonlefevre Syndrome

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Most Important Topics of Oral Radiology

Chapter Name

Most Important Topics

Radiation Physics

Bremsstrahlung Radiation

Properties Of X-Rays, Grids, Heel Effect

Inverse Square Law, Compton Effect

Target Material

Coolidge Tube, Collimation


Radiation Biology and Radiation Protection

Harmful Effects Of Radiation, Dosimetry

Post Irradiation Mucositis, Radiation Caries

ALARA, Radiation Hazards


X-Ray Films and Accessories

Composition Of IOPA Films, Grids

Intensifying Screen, Speed Of Film

Potter Bucky Diaphragm


Processing of X-ray films

Composition of Developer and Fixer, Processing Errors

Coin Test, Dark Room Requirements


X-Ray Quality Control

Faulty Radiographs, Artefacts

Film Fog, Cone Cut, Density and Contrast


Intraoral Radiographic Techniques

Bisecting Angle Technique, Clark’s Rule

Occlusal Radiographs


Extraoral Radiographic Techniques

TMJ Views, Maxillary Sinus Views, OPG

Lateral Oblique View Of Mandible, CT Scan

Water’s View, PA View

Bregmamenton View, Submentovertex View


Specialized Imaging Techniques

Sialography, Ultrasound

Scintigraphy, RVG, Xeroradiography


Radiographic Interpretations

Landmarks In IOPA,

Condensing Osteitis, Line Of Ennis

Cherubism, Cotton Wool Appearance

Radiographic Appearance of Malignant Tumors Of Jaw

Multilocular Radiolucencies

Soap Bubble Appearance

Onion Peel Appearance

Periapical Radiolucency


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In addition to the important topics listed above, you must also cover the other topics of the syllabus since the paper pattern is unpredictable and therefore, you should not solely rely on these topics.

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We are hopeful that this article will surely help all of you to make your preparation of OMR more effective and efficient for NEET MDS 2017.

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