What makes NEET MDS different from college exams!

We all have done well at our midterms, send ups and finals, even though  the pressure of faculty, the fear of getting a back or extra fees for the extension is there…in fact many a times, when the patient does not appear in time for the exam, we almost die from worry during our practical.

But we still manage to get through them, these exams don’t scare us as much as MDS entrances do!

Why is it?

We interacted with a few MDS toppers and Here is what we found out:

I. “Competition in the NEET MDS Entrance is Substantially More”

  • Approximately 24,000 BDS Graduates pass out every year.
  • Out of these 24-25000 BDS graduates, approximately 15,000 + appear in the NEET MDS entrance. This is substantially large in comparison to the number of people appearing in the university exams.


Bottom line being, one has to outperform others and analyze their ranking consistently by testing themselves in a simulated environment.

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II. “Huge Difference in the Difficulty level of Questions’’

  • Questions in the University exams are far lower in difficulty level in comparison to Entrance exams. Consequently, students prefer to study easy Indian Author books in spite of guidelines asking to refer to Standard books.
  • Questions in the Entrance exams are framed from standard books and have a very high difficulty level.
  • The examiners also lay emphasis on the recent developments in the field while framing the questions for the Entrance exams whereas these are not given much importance in university exams.


Staying updated, referring to standard books and dental journals, wholesome concept clearing is the key to success

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III. “Fear of unfamiliar exam hall”

  • Fear of unknown is the greatest! Most of the candidates complain of the unfamiliar exam hall intimidating them and making them nervous causing them to perform poorly
  • In the university exams, the mode of examination is pen and paper, therefore, candidates attempt the university exams with ease.
  • On the other hand, the entrance exams are in the online mode. Candidates often fail to perform well in the Entrance exams owing to a lack of familiarity with the online platform.


Candidates must attempt a large number of Online Mock Tests to develop acquaintance with the online platform preferably on the same software as the real exam.

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IV. “There is never enough time to attempt all questions”

  • Candidates often find it difficult to attempt all the questions in the Entrance exams. This occurs since candidates lack Efficient Time Management Skills.
  • The Entrance exams are in the online mode and candidates fail in attempting all the questions owing to lack of acquaintance with the online platform.


NEET MDS is an entrance exam, so many questions are there to just cut out the competition, and hence, one should avoid wasting time on them and manage time judiciously.


V. “Number of Government Seats Are Less”

  • There are a total of 3,000 + seats for the PG Dental Courses in the Government and Private colleges across the country
  • Reportedly, there are a total of 1352 government Dental PG seats in the country
  • Further, there is a vast difference in the Fee structure of Government and Private Dental Colleges
  • There is a huge difference in the Quality of Education Imparted in Government and Private Dental Colleges


Work hard, try again, and don’t settle for less. Never give up! Dentistry is one profession, where you can never be unemployed, so if u miss out once, try again while gaining experience and working alongside in a clinic.

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VI. “Medical Questions”

  • Lately there is an ongoing trend towards questions coming from PSM, ENT and even obstetrics!
  • If you have ample time for preparation, go through medical books once and get a quick reference.
  • But if you don’t, then leave them and don’t waste time on them. They don’t have much weightage and they serve the purpose of deciding the topper, instead focus on your strengths and do well in them

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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VII. Some Questions Have More Than One Answer or A More Appropriate Answer 

  • This is a common problem in AIIMS paper, the answers not only need to be correct, they need to be precise also
  • Like a screw gauge, one needs to zero out the errors.


When faced with such questions, one should apply method of exclusion to the options, and arrive on the correct answer by crossing out others. This way you can analyse the pros and cons of each option. Also leave such questions for last after attempting others so that you can attempt them with a cool mind.


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