Tips to Approach MCQs in NEET MDS 2017 

It is not surprising that most of the examinees have a tough time with the Multiple choice questions (MCQs).  

This is primarily because most of the examinees underrate this format of examination and consider it to be a stress-free format in comparison to the other formats.

Approaching the MCQs in the correct manner is vital to success in the NEET MDS exam.

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Here is a list of Tips on how to approach MCQs in the NEET MDS 2019

I. True or False Test

You must first read the question statement carefully and give each option a true or false test in case you get muddled by looking at the options. 

Examine each option to see if it satisfies the question conditions and gradually you will arrive at the correct answer.


II. Dealing with ‘All of the Above’

Be cautious in answering those questions where there is an option as ‘All of the Above’.

You must check whether two or more options are correct and if so, then mark ‘All of the Above’ as your response.


III. Eliminate the Irrelevant Options

Look out for the options which seem to be totally irrelevant to the question. This way you can easily arrive at the correct answer.


IV. Answers Hide in Questions

You must read the question very thoroughly and cautiously since many times, the answers are contained within the questions themselves.


V. Patterns and Similarities

In case of options with a large number of variables, look out for the patterns and similarities in the options.

Select choices having similar patterns and eliminate the outliners so that the nearest or the right answer is selected.

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VI. Trust Instincts

You may have opted for an option based on your first impression. In case of questions which seem completely unknown, mark the option for further review.

Trust your instincts since research suggests that the chances of moving from ‘Right to Wrong’ are 20.2% while the chances of moving from ‘Wrong to Right’ are 57.8%.

Therefore, follow your instincts and change the option if you feel the need.

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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VII. Single Word Appearing in Numerous Options

There are many instances where a single word appears in numerous options. Clearly, the correct option would be hidden amongst the options containing the similar word.

You must try to eliminate the odd options and select from the similar options.

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VIII. Pay Attention to Each and Every Word

You must read each and every word in the question very cautiously since two options may tend to appear similar and you may end up selecting the incorrect option if any miss out on even a single word in the question.

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IX. Select the middle options If Everything Else Fails

Many exam setters subconsciously feel that the correct option is better ‘hidden’ if it is surrounded by distractors.

In case the question appears completely alien and you cannot eliminate even a single option, then you must select the middle option.

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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X. Adequate Practice

Practice is the ultimate driver of success in any exam. Consistently practice a large number of questions on each topic to attain a grip on each topic.

Adequate Practice would expose you to a wide variety of questions and increase your chances of getting through the exam and grabbing a seat in your dream Dental College.

We are sure that the tips listed above would surely aid the aspirants in Effectively Approaching the MCQs in the NEET MDS 2019.

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