Public Health Dentistry is a highly imperative subject from NEET MDS 2017 viewpoint.  A majority of the aspirants tend to leave it for the last owing to its monotonous nature.

This article will list down the Most Important & High-Yielding topics of Public Health Dentistry for NEET MDS 2017.


Most Important Topics of Public Health Dentistry

Unit Name

Most Important Topics


Concepts of Epidemiology

Father of Public Health, Definitions

Phases of Public Health

Objectives of WHO

Concepts of control

Steps of Public Health Procedure

Epidemic, Pandemic, Endemic

Evaluation, Sampling, Variables

Epidemiological Studies



Representative Diagrams



Measures of Central Tendency

Measures of Dispersion


Chi square tests

Paired “T” test

“F” ratio

Types of errors



Plaque, Critical pH

Etiological Factors

Studies like Vipeholm, Hopewood

Caries activity tests especially

Snyder and Diazoresorcinol

Diet Counselling



Content, Metabolism

Mode of Action of Fluorides

Dosage especially Safe and Certain Lethal Dose

Types of Topical Fluorides

Varnishes, Shoe Leather Survey

Galagan’s Formula

Choking Off Mechanism

Concentration of Fluorides

Skeletal and Dental Fluorosis

De-fluoridisation especially Nalgonda Technique 


Pit and fissure sealants

Mode of Action

Generations of Sealants

Recommended Age Groups



Requisites of an ideal Index

Types of Indices


Gingival Index


Dean’s Fluorosis Index



Oral Hygiene Methods and Dental Health Education

Hawthorne effect

Tooth Brushing methods


ADA Classification

Principles of Health Education

Educational aids in Health education


Dental Finance

Mode of Payment

Delta Dental Plan 


Dental Auxiliaries

Operating and Non-Operating Auxiliaries


First Dental Schools of World and India



Occupational Health Hazards


Categories of Risk To Blood

Body Fluids


Water and Waste Disposal

Types of Waste (Categories)

Loss of Head

Back Washing

Purification of Water

Colour Coding of Waste Disposal Bags 


Primary Health Care

Year of Launch

Rural Health Scheme

Staffing Pattern


Iceberg Phenomenon

BCG Vaccine


Community Medicine

Ethnicity, Behaviour

Landmark Committees of Health

HDI rank


Dog Bite

Infant and Maternal Mortality

Physical Quality of Life


Forensic odontology, Jurisprudence, Ethics

Swiss Identification System

Age Estimation

Bite marks

Gustafson method

DNA Analysing Methods


Consumer Protection Act

Doctrines of Res ipsa loquitur


Other Important Topics

Types of Tobacco Preparation

Oral Cancer

WHO, UNICEF, Red Cross

Important Days

Colombo Plan


Dentist Act

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