Most Important Topics of Conservative Dentistry 

Conservative Dentistry is a very important subject from NEET MDS 2019 perspective.

It is a very important branch of Dentistry and one of the most demanding specialties of this era.

This article will acquaint you all with the Most Important Topics of Conservative Dentistry from NEET MDS 2019 Perspective.


Most Important Topics of Conservative Dentistry


Most Important Topics


Diagnosis and Treatment planning

Operator Positions

Microbiology of Caries

Classification of Caries- GV Black, Root caries, Caries cone

Histo-pathological changes of Enamel and Dentin

Diagnosis of Caries

After Restoration Procedures


Infection control

Occupational Safety and Health Act

Aerosols and Ultrasonics

Classification of Medical, Surgical and Dental Instruments



Direct Filling Gold

Types of Direct Filling Gold

Cavosurface Margin

Cohesive Gold


Condensation and Compaction

Properties of Gold


Cast Gold Restorations, Inlays, Onlays

Indications and Contraindications

Principles of Tooth Preparations

Finish Lines and Cavosurface Margins




Functional Cusp Bevel


Biomechanical Principles

Cavity Preparation, Smear Layer

Rubber Dam in Detail

Separators/ Wedges/ Matrices

Gingival Retraction

Debridement, Polishing Agents

Pulp Protection, Air Abrasion

UltraSonics and Lasers in Cavity Preparation

Walls of Cavity/ Line Angles/ Point Angles

Outline Form, Resistance Form

Retention Form, Bevels

Depth Of Cavity, Ferrules



Hand Cutting Instruments

Instrument Formula

GMT, Angle Former

Hatchets, Angles of Dental Bur

Efficiency of Burs

Carbide/ Diamond/ Stainless Steel Burs


Amalgam Restorations

Indications/ Contraindications of Amalgam Restorations

Father of Amalgam

Properties of Amalgam

Creep, Phases of Amalgam

Microleakage, Delayed Expansion

Overhangs, Trituration

Eame’s Technique

Burnishing, Condensation

Mercuric Toxicity

Pin Retained Amalgam Restorations

Types of Pins, Thread Mate System

Bonded Amalgam Restorations


Tooth Colored Restorations



Acid Etching

Skipping Effect

Dentin Conditioner

Primers and Adhesive Resin Generations

Fillers in Composites


Margins and Cavosurface Angles

Shade Determination




Porcelain Restorations


Other topics

Dentin Hypersensitivity

Mahler Scale

Box and Tunnel Restorations

Veneers and Laminates

Bonding Agents

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Hope that this article will surely assist you to excel in your preparation of Conservative Dentistry for NEET MDS 2017.


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