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How to Get Through NEET MDS 2017 without Coaching 

NEET MDS is highly competitive requiring strenuous effort and determination to grab you a seat in your dream Dental College.

Majority of the aspirants prefer joining Coaching Institutes for NEET MDS preparation. However, this is not a feasible option for all since the Coaching Institutes charge enormous fees.

In consideration of this, we have compiled an article on how to get through the NEET MDS 2017 without Coaching.


Tips to Get Through NEET MDS 2017 Without Coaching

I. Go Through the Syllabus & Previous Year Papers

The foremost step before commencing preparation is to go through the syllabus and the previous year papers of NEET MDS.

This would provide you an idea of the type of questions expected in the exam and the difficulty level of the questions.

Further, you must note down the weightage of all the subjects by analyzing the previous year papers.


II. Gather Study Resources

Next step is to collect all the study material. You must prepare the theoretical part from the standard books followed during BDS.

Purchase some high-quality books for MCQs.

Further, you can also refer to online study material and video lectures for preparation.


III. Commence your Preparation Well in Time

Your efforts would only bear fruit if you commence the preparation well in time prior to the exam.

A thorough preparation would require at least 10 Months time.

Therefore, make sure to commence your preparation well in time.


IV. Frame a Study Schedule

In order to complete the syllabus well in time, you must follow the idea of preparing a weekly schedule.

Distribute the topics from the 17 subjects uniformly among the different weeks. Also, ensure that you religiously stick to the schedule.

Adhering to this method would immensely aid in completing the syllabus well in time.


V. Selective Study

Owing to the vast syllabus, selective study is the golden rule of success in the NEET MDS entrance.

Make it a point to cover all the high weight age subjects in the beginning. After completing preparation of high yielding subjects, move on to the less important ones.


VI. Master Shortcuts/Tricks

Tricks and shortcuts act as the only rescue in the tough entrance exams.

Make sure to learn all shortcuts and tricks from different books and Internet.

Shortcuts/Tricks greatly aid in saving time during the exam.

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VII. Persistent Practice

Practice is the most vital part of preparation.

While preparing a unit, make it a point to simultaneously solve MCQs related to that unit.

This would help you to learn the application of concepts and also facilitate better understanding.


VIII. Monitor Your Performance Consistently/Take Mock Tests

Make it a point to consistently attempt a large number of online mock tests. This is an activity which must be done throughout the preparation.

 This would help you to monitor your performance on a regular basis and help you figure out your weaknesses.

Also, make it a point to work out on your accuracy.

Track your performance after every mock test and strive to improve your weaker areas.


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IX. Work on Time Management Skills

Make it a point to learn effective Time Management. Time Management is an art which can be learnt through adequate practice.

Attempt large number of online mock tests and try to reduce the time spent per question with each subsequent attempt.

Consistent Practice on the online platform would help you to learn effective Time Management.

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X. Thorough Revision

Revision is the most important component of preparation

Make sure to revise all the important formulas, concepts and tricks/shortcuts thoroughly.

Further, try to revise the entire syllabus at least twice before the exam.

A Two-Fold thoroughly help to retain all the concepts.


Hope that the aforesaid tips if implemented efficiently, would surely help you to get through the NEET MDS 2017 without Coaching.

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