Every NEET MDS aspirant comes across the dilemma of whether to opt for Classroom Coaching or Rely on Online Test Series for preparation.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of both Classroom Coaching and Online Test Series which would help in reaching a decision.


Benefits of Online Test Series

Let’s first examine the benefits of availing an Online Test Series:

I. Easily Accessible

The most obvious benefit of enrolling in an Online Test Series is in terms of its accessibility. It can be accessed from any location and at any time of the day as per your convenience.

Accessibility surely makes it a sought after option amongst the candidates.

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II. Highly Cost Effective

Another remarkable benefit of enrolling in an Online Test Series is that it is highly Cost-Effective.

This makes it a viable option for many who cannot afford the enormous fees charged by the Coaching Institutes without compromising on the quality of preparation.

Further, it saves the candidates from the immense travelling expenses incurred in moving to and from the coaching institute.


III. Offers Timing Flexibility

Another benefit of Online Test Series is that it saves the aspirants from the rigorous schedules of the Coaching classes.

Online Tests can be attempted at any time of the day, be it late night or while sitting in a Clinic or early morning. This provides it an edge over the Coaching Classes which have rigorous schedules.


IV. Saves from Relocating/Benefits to Small Cities

Internet acts as a poor man’s weapon, for people who cannot relocate to big cities or cannot afford accommodation at big cities. Online test series provides benefits equivalent to the Classroom Coaching while sitting at home.


V. Environment Similar to the Actual Testing Platform

Another advantage of enrolling in an Online Test Series is that it facilitates Practice in a Simulated Environment. This greatly helps the candidates in getting accustomed to the Online Platform. Consequently, this helps the aspirants to develop familiarity in the use of the Online Platform and attempt exam with ease.


VI. Instant Feedback on Your Performance

After attempting the exam, the candidate instantly gets to see his result and performance analysis.

The candidate can instantly analyze his/her AIR, percentile and section-wise performance. Consequently, the student can evaluate his/her performance and monitor his/her progress.


VII. Strong/Weak Area Analysis

Based on the candidate’s performance and the score garnered, the candidate would be directed to the Analysis page which would highlight the subjects in which the candidate is strong and the subjects which require improvement. This would in turn, induce improvement.

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India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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VIII. Better Competitive Analysis

Enrolling in an Online Test Series provides better Competitive Analysis since the candidate gets to analyze his performance relative to thousands/lakhs of competitors.

Based on the AIR and the marks obtained in each test, candidate can gradually work towards boosting his score and performance.


IX. Saves Time

Online Test Series facilitates framing a study schedule as per your convenience and also saves ample time for self-studies which is unlike coaching centres where one gets too tired after classes to revise on one’s own.


X. Quality Content/Faculty

Owing to the better market reach of Online Portals, they invest in quality faculty to deliver the best content to their audience.

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XI. Location Flexibility

Online Test Series provides a location flexibility since one can get one’s doubts and queries clarified while sitting at one’s home.

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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Advantages of Classroom Coaching

Here are some benefits of Classroom Coaching:


I. Provides Guidance in Preparation

Classroom coaching program helps to align your preparation in the right direction by providing Guidance in preparation. A mentor assists you to direct your preparation in the correct direction to achieve good results.


II. Helps to Strengthen Fundamentals

Enrolling in Classroom Coaching helps to clear your basic Fundamentals/Concepts which might not be possible with Self-Study.


III. Helps to Clarifying Doubts/Confusing Concepts

Classroom Coaching helps in clarifying the doubts and confusions which arise while preparation.


IV. Facilitates Discipline & Consistent Preparation

The most significant benefit of enrolling in Classroom Coaching is that it facilitates disciplined preparation.


A major difficulty faced in relying purely on Self-Studies is consistency in preparation is not maintained. One tends to procrastinate and frequently loses interest in studies.

On the other hand, classroom coaching encourages the individual to perform consistently and exposes the individual to an environment which induces consistent preparation. Also, the candidate gets accustomed to a study routine and keeps away procrastination.

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On the finishing front, we leave it on the candidates’ judgment of whether to rely on Online Test Series or Opt Classroom Coaching.

Stay Tuned for the latest updates!

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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