National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB) is the authority responsible for setting up and maintaining a national standard of competence for dentists in Canada.

NDEB is a licensure exam conducted for all dental surgeons who have a dental graduation from outside Canada but want to settle and practice Dentistry in Canada.

This article will bring forth all the details pertaining to NDEB Canada such as Application Procedure, Eligibility Criteria, fee structure and scope of Dentistry in Canada.


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Pathway to Certification

This will highlight the steps to obtain Certification:


Step 1: Web-Based Self Assessment

Prior to applying for the NDEB Equivalency process, you need to go through the Web-based Self Assessment Test.

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Step 2: NDEB Equivalency Process

Next, you need to apply for NDDEB Equivalency Process.

NDEB Equivalency Process comprises three steps:

1. Creation of an Online Profile

The first step is to apply for the NDEB Equivalency Process through the NDEB Online Portal. Graduates of Eligible Non-Accredited dental programs need to first create an online profile.

In order to create an online profile, you would require a current photograph in JPEG or PNG format and a valid credit card.


2. Document Submission Process

Here is a list of the documents which the applicant is required to submit as a part of the application procedure.

a. Documents to be directly sent to the NDEB by the University 

Documents to be directly sent to the NDEB by the University 

Confirmation  of Degree Completion Form

Academic Record 


b. Documents to be Submitted by the Applicant

Documents to be Submitted by the Applicant 

Government Issued Photo Identification

Proof of Name Change/Difference in name if applicable

Translation of Proof of name change/difference in name, if applicable

Final Dental Diploma/Degree

Translation of Academic Records, if applicable

Internship Completion Certificate, if applicable


3. Credential Verification

  • All the mandatory documents are subject to NDEB’s Credential Verification Process. This procedure requires approximately 12 weeks from the receipt of all the required documents.
  • As documents go through the credential verification process, the status of each document is updated in the candidate’s online profile. After all the mandatory documents are accepted, the applicant will be informed via E-mail that the documents have been approved and the applicant is eligible to register for the Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK).
  • Applicants can regularly track the status of their documents by logging on to their online profile.


Step 3: Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge

Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK) is a objective style assessment. It comprises two books, each with 150 MCQs.

Each book is provided in a 3 hour session. The sessions are conducted in the morning and afternoon of one day.

An applicant has the option of taking the Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK) 3 times. Applicants whose score in the AFK is a test equated 75 or higher can register for the Assessment of Clinical Skills and Assessment of Clinical Judgement.


Step 4: Assessment of Clinical Knowledge/Judgement

Assessment of Clinical Judgement is written evaluation test taken over a day. The Assessment comprises  3 books.

It is not a mandatory requirement to successfully complete the Assessment of Clinical Skills in order to register for the Assessment of Clinical Judgement. Both these tests can be taken concurrently.

An applicant gets 3 chances to take the Assessment of Clinical Judgement.

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Step 5: Assessment of Clinical Skills

In order to register for the Assessment of Clinical Skills, applicant must have secured a minimum test equated score of 75 or higher in the Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge.

An applicant gets 3 chances to take the Assessment of Clinical Skills.

This test is conducted over two days wherein the participants would be assessed on the basis of their performance on dental procedures on simulated patients in a clinical setting.


Step 6: Application for NDEB Certification Process

Graduates of Accredited Degree Completion Programs, Accredited Dental Programs and applicants upon successful completion of the NDEB Equivalency Process will have to successfully complete the NDEB’s Written Examination and Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) in order to obtain certification as a general dentist in Canada.


Step 7: Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

It is a station type examination comprising a morning session and an afternoon session. Majority of the stations will comprise 2 questions and candidates are required to review the information supplied and answer extended match type questions.


Exam Fees

Applicants will be required to submit the fee via credit card at the time of application/registration.

The detailed exam fees have been described below: 

Application Fees



One-time fee, non-refundable


Assessment Fees

Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge


Assessment of Clinical Judgement (ACJ)



Assessment of Clinical Skills (ACS)



Scope in Canada

Canada is one of the most sought-after foreign destinations which most of the Dental Graduates look forward to in order to settle as a Dentist.

This is certainly due to the following reasons:

  • Highly balanced and Developed society of Canada
  • Dentistry being one of the most profitable professions in the nation
  • High paying capacity of the patients and High Oral Health Awareness
  • High level of Advancements in Dentistry and Immense Opportunities
  • Great deal of chances to earn profit both in the urban areas and the countryside


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In the next article, we will share the Detailed Syllabus and Format of all the Exams listed above.

Stay Tuned!

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