Oral Surgery is one of the most sought after specialty among the BDS Graduates. It is highly indispensable from NEET MDS perspective owing to the nature of its syllabi.

A large of questions have been covered from this subject in previous year papers of AIPGDEE and it is anticipated that this subject will carry high weight age in NEET MDS 2017.

This article will bring forth the Most Important Topics of Oral Surgery from NEET MDS 2017 perspective.

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Most Important Topics of Orthodontics for NEET PG Dental

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Most Important Topics of Oral Surgery 

Here, we present a Unit-wise list of Most Important Topics of Oral Surgery:

Most Important Topics

Unit Name

Most Important Topics

Introduction to Oral Surgery and General Principles of Oral Surgery

Sterilization and Asepsis, Rideal Walker Test

Chick-Martin Test, Autoclave, Cold Sterilization

Medical History prior to Surgical Procedures

ASA classification, Antibiotic Prophylaxis

Absolute and Relative Contraindications of Exodontia and Indications of Exodontia

Dental Procedures under LA and GA

History of Bleeding, Anticoagulants

Steroids and Procedures, Effect of Radiation


Instruments and Principles of Exodontia

Scrub technique, Principles of Elevators

Types of Forceps, Chisel and Mallet

Most Commonly used Instruments in Oral Surgery

Types of Sutures and Suturing techniques,

Dry socket

Complications of Extractions, Haemostatic Agents

Whitehead’s Varnish, Bone Wax

Trismus, Movements of Exodontia

Line of Withdrawal, Wound Healing

Impaction and Winter’s classification


Local Anaesthesia

Parts of Syringe, Theories of Regional Anaesthesia

EMLA, Classification of LA, Sensations Lost Order

Intraligamentary, Nerve Block Techniques

Vazirani Akinosi Technique, Landmarks

Subjective and Objective Symptoms, Ph and LA

Complications of LA, Haematoma

Specific Receptor Theory, Anaphylaxis

Adrenaline and Vasoconstrictors, Jet Injector

Needle-Less Anaesthesia, Wand


General Anaesthesia

Indications for General Anaesthesia, stages of GA

ASA classification, Endotracheal intubation

Nitrous oxide, Conscious sedation

Gaseous Anaesthetic agents, Nil per oral

Pre-Anaesthetic check-up, Intravenous sedation

Patient position in recovery room


Space Infections and Inflammatory Lesions of Jaw

Osteoradionecrosis, HBO Therapy

Osteomyelitis, Garre’s Osteomyelitis

Hilton’s Method of Incision and Drainage

Mandibular Spaces, Buccal Space Infection

Infratemporal Space, Pericoronal Abscess

Retropharyngeal Space Infection

Quinsy, Teeth involved in Space Infections

Ludwig’s Angina, Involucrum

Antibiotics for Space Infection, Lumpy Jaw

Pericoronitis and Management


Facial Neuropathology

Seddon’s Classification of Nerve Injuries

Trigeminal Neuralgia and management

Bell’s palsy, Orofacial Pain, Trigger zones

Pathways of pain, Tinnel’s Sign

Bands of Bungner, Vasa Nervorum


Temporomandibular Joint­

Ankylosis in Detail, MPDS and Management

Subluxation, Internal Derangement of TMJ

Eminectomy, Frey’s Syndrome

Condylar Hypoplasia, Dautrey’s Procedure

Surgical Approach to Orthognathic Surgeries

Bramley Approach, Arthroscopy


Maxillary Sinus

Caldwell Luc Operation, Maxillary sinusitis

Nasal Antrostomy, Oroantral Fistula

Head Shaking Test, Berger Flap Procedure

Mucormycosis, Transillumination Test

Von Rehrmann Flap


Cysts and Tumours

Dentigerous cyst, OKC, Radicular cyst

Enucleation, Partsch surgery, Myxoma

Traumatic bone cyst, pathology and their aspirates

Carnoy’s solution, Odontoma

Ameloblastoma, Fibrous dysplasia


Salivary Gland

Minor and Major Salivary Glands,

Frey’s Syndrome

Sialoliths, Sialadenitis, Pleomorphic Adenoma

Salivary Fistula, Sialography, Mucocele

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, Ranula, Sjogren Syndrome


Pre-Prosthetic Surgeries

Methods of Ridge Extension, Vestibuloplasty

Abbe - Estlander Flap, Torus

Tuberosity Reductions, Kazanjian’s Technique


Minor Surgical Procedures and Orthognathic Surgery

Apicoectomy, Maxillary Orthognathic Procedures

BSSO, Genioplasty, Wassmund Technique

Designs Of Flap, Inverted L Shaped Osteotomy



Le Forte Fracture 1,2,3, Blowout Fracture of Orbit

Gille’s Temporal Approach

Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis, Methods of Wiring

Fixation Methods in Trauma, Diplopia,

Asch’s Forceps

Bristow Elevator, Walsham Forceps

Hanging Drop Sign, Battle Sign

Classification of Mandibular Fractures

Favorable and Unfavorable Fractures of Angle of Mandible

Different Methods of Reduction,

Healing of Fractures

Complications of Fracture, Fractures of Condyle

Miniplates, Lag Screw, Arch Bar Wiring

Gunning Splint, Glasgow Coma Scale

Guardsman Fracture, CSF Rhinorrhoea

Champy’s Forceps, Eburnation, Neck Dissection


Implants and Miscellaneous

Bone Density, Cryosurgery,

Distraction Osteogenesis

Distance Between Anatomical Structures And Implants

Rate Of Distraction, Ilizarov Principles

Types Of Implants, Osseointegration

Radiographic Views, Steroids, Antibiotics.


India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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Preparing the above-listed topics would surely help you to boost your score in Oral Surgery in NEET MDS 2017.

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