Dental Anatomy and Oral Histology is essentially one of the most basic subjects of Dentistry. This subject is highly significant as it a lot of application in Clinical subjects such as Endodontics, Prosthodontics and Oral Surgery.

Dental Anatomy & Oral Histology together has a very vast syllabus. Therefore, keeping a ‘Selective Approach’ is the best strategy to prepare Dental Anatomy and Oral Histology for NEET MDS.


In order to guide you in your preparation of Dental Anatomy & Oral Histology, Prepladder Experts have compiled this article which will provide insights into the Most Important Topics of this subject.

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Most Important Topics of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for NEET MDS 2017

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Most Important Topics of Dental Anatomy & Oral Histology

1. Most Important Topics of Dental Anatomy

Here, we present a Unit-Wise list of the Most Important Topics of Dental Anatomy:

Most Important Topics of Dental Anatomy 

Unit Name

Most Important Topics

Introduction to Dental Anatomy




Universal System

Palmar Notation

FDI System

Fossa, Sulcus


Line Angles and Point Angles



Tooth Formation

Initial Calcification

Order of Eruption

Eruption Timing of Primary and Permanent Dentition

Age and No of Teeth present in the Mouth

Root Completion

Developmental Grooves and Lobes

Succedaneous Tooth


Morphology of Deciduous teeth

Sequence of Eruption of Primary Teeth


Permanent Teeth replacing Primary Teeth

Faciolingual Diameter

Differences between Primary and Permanent Dentition

Pulp Chambers and Root Canals in Deciduous Teeth

Cervical Bulge


Morphology of Permanent Dentition

Greatest and Least Mesiodistal Dimension

Longest Crown Length

Smallest Root

Palatogingival Groove

Canine Eminence

Geometric Functional outline of Teeth from Proximal Aspect


Posterior Teeth

Geometric Outlines of Tooth Crown

Developmental Groove

Buccal Convergence

Difference between Mandibular and Maxillary Premolars

Largest Permanent Tooth

Cusp of Carabelli

Shapes of Occlusal surfaces of Teeth

Oblique Ridge

Crest of Contour

Pulp Horns


Stomatognathic System


Proximal Contact Area

Temporomandibular Joint

(Disc, TMJ Ligaments, Glenoid fossa,

Terminal Hinge Axis)

Electromyography of Muscles of Mastication

Movement of Jaw and Muscles involved

Types of Cusps

Curvatures of Occlusal Planes

Key to Occlusion

Mutually Protected Occlusion

Centric Occlusion

Lateral Movements

Bennett Shift


Deglutition, Overjet



Leeway Space of Nance

Resorption of Primary Teeth

Stamp Cusps


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2. Most Important Topics of Oral Histology

Here is a Unit-Wise list of the Most Important Topics of Oral Histology

Most Important Topics of Oral Histology 

Unit Name

Most Important Topics 

Embryology of the Dental and Oral Structures

Buccopharyngeal Membrane

Dental Lamina


Bone Morphogenic Protein Gene

Histological Stages of Development

Arrangement of Cell Layers from Inside to Outside of Enamel Organ

Stratum Intermedium

Dental Papilla, Dental Sac

Neural Crest Cells

Dental Pulp

Enamel Niche

Mulberry Molars

Peg Laterals

Hertwig’s Epithelial Root Sheath

Epithelial Rests of Malassez

Accessory Canals

Cell Rests of Serres

Cementum Formation



Composition of Enamel

(Organic and Inorganic)

Thickness of Enamel

Width of Enamel Rods

Synthesis of Enamel Rods

Incremental Lines of Retzius

Hunter Schreger Bands

Neonatal Lines

Key Hole Pattern

Amelogenesis, Amelogenin

Tome’s Process

Nasmyth’s Membrane


Hydroxyapatite Crystals



Dentinal Tubules

Types of Dentin

Incremental Lines of Owen


Peritubular Dentin

Tertiary Dentin

Interglobular Dentin

Lamina Propria

Lamina lucida and Lamina Densa

Tomes Granular Layer

Sclerotic Dentin




Pulp Organs

Functions of Pulp

Weil’s Zone

Plexus of Raschkow

Perivascular Granulocyte


Arterial Vessels in Pulp

Nerve Supply of Pulp

Accessory Canals

Dentin Islands

Pulp Stones

Ageing and Pulp

Reaction of Pulp

Pain in Pulp

Dentin Sensitivity


Pulp Vitality


Periodontal Ligament

Composition of PDL

Cell Rests of Malassez

Collagen Fibers

Chicken Wire Configuration

Periodontal Fibers

Sharpey’s Fibres

Thixotropic Theory

Age Changes in PDI



Composition of Cementum

Cellular and Acellular Cementum


Hyaline Layer of Hopewell Smith



Alveolar Bone

Bundle Bone

Lamina Dura

Cribriform Plate

Reversal Lines



Oral Mucous Membrane


Spinous Layer

Stratum Granulosum

Basal Lamina

Non - Keratinocytes of Mucous Membrane


Lamina Propria

Vermilion Border


Gingiva, Stippling

Gingival Fibres

Interdental Papilla

Minor Salivary Glands

Soft Palate



Taste Buds

Keratinized Papilla

Reduced Enamel Epithelium


Salivary Glands

Structure of Salivary Glands

Wharton’s Duct

Glands of Blandin and Nuhn

Sublingual Glands

Components of Saliva

Serous Demilunes


Eruption and Shedding

Active and Passive Eruption

Exfoliation of Deciduous Teeth

Successional Lamina

Eruption Chronology

Hammock Ligament

Theories of Eruption


Maxillary Sinus

Organ of Chievitz


Alveolar Process



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Meticulously preparing the Above-listed Topics will definitely help you attempt Majority of the questions from Dental Anatomy & Oral Histology in NEET MDS. 

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