Prosthodontics is a highly extensive subject and is indeed the Bread and Butter of Dentistry.

Also, Prosthodontics is one of the most sought after specialities.

Owing to its vast syllabi, aspirants face great difficulty in retaining all the information of this subject.

Therefore, preparing this subject with a ‘Selective Approach’ is the best strategy to score high in Prosthodontics in NEET MDS.


In order to assist you in your preparation of Prosthodontics, PrepLadder Experts have put forward this article which will provide Insights on the Most Important Topics of Prosthodontics for NEET MDS.

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Most Important Topics of Prosthodontics for NEET MDS 2017

Here. we present a Unit-Wise list of the Most Important Topics of Prosthodontics:

Complete Denture


Unit Name

Most Important Topics 

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Patient Education

Hyperplastic Tissue

Consequences of Edentulism

Woods Classification

Masticatory Forces

Contacts during Chewing

Tooth Contacts during Swallowing

Residual Ridge Resorption

Bone Loss following Extraction

House Classification

Tuberosity Reduction

Combination Syndrome


Impression Making

Mucostatic Impression Technique

Mucocompressive Impression Technique

Selective Pressure Impression Technique

Impression Materials

Custom Tray, Spacer


Anatomical Considerations

Denture Bearing Area

Primary Stress Bearing Area

Secondary Stress Bearing Area

Posterior Palatal Seal

Vibrating Lines

Types of Soft Palate

Retromolar Pad

Muscles related to Complete Denture

Coronoid Process



Stability, Retention and Support

Definitions, Interfacial Surface Tension

Emergency Retentive Forces

Role of Saliva in Denture Retention

Retromolar Area


Jaw Relations

Occlusal Rims

Centric Relation

Muscles Involved in Centric Relation

Freeway Space

Interocclusal Distance

Sliverman’s Closest Speaking Spaces

Snow Shoe Effect

Christenson’s Phenomenon

Vertical Dimension at Rest

Vertical Dimension at Occlusion

Face Bow



Classification, Arcon Articulator

Non - Arcon Articulator

Hanau Articulator

Lateral Condylar Guidance


Occlusal Concepts

Compensating Curves

Balanced Occlusion

Incisal Guidance

Condylar Guidance

Anatomic Teeth

Non-Anatomic Teeth


Teeth Setting

Arrangement of Artificial Teeth

Aesthetic, Phonetics

Lip Support, Neutral Zone

Balanced Occlusion, Hanau’s Quint

Monoplane or Non-Balanced Occlusion

Lingualized Occlusion

Bonwill’s Triangle

Dimensions of Color

Squint Test

Leon William Classification

Dentogenic Concept (SPA Factor)

Porcelain Teeth

Resin Teeth


Post Processing Adjustments

Selective Grinding 

Recontouring, Bull Rule

Deflective Contacts


Post Delivery Problems

Loose Denture

Epulis fissuratum

Papillary Hyperplasia

Soreness, Denture Stomatitis

Burning Sensation, Clicking


Difficulty in Swallowing


Tissue Conditioning and Reliners


Indications & Contra Indications of Relining 


Immediate and Overdentures

Advantages and Disadvantages of Immediate Dentures

Types of Immediate Dentures 



Porosity, Shrinkage


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India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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Removable Partial Denture 


Unit Name

Most Important Topics

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Indications Of RPD

Most Commonly Missing Teeth

Kennedy Classification

Impression Materials



Dental Surveyor

Components  of Surveyor

Surveying Tools

Height of Contour

Survey Lines

Steps of Surveying

Guiding Planes


Major and Minor Connectors

Functions of Connectors


Maxillary Major Connectors

Mandibular Major Connectors

Rest Seat

Relation of Border to Gingival Crevice



Clasp Configurations

Types of Clasps

Combination Clasp

Reciprocal Arm

RPI, Rest Seat


Indirect Retainers

Heel Raising Movement

Function of Indirect Retainers


Distal Extension RPD

Support, Stress Breaker

Abutment Teeth

Torquing Forces



Functional Impression Technique

Tissue Stop

Speech Defects


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Fixed Partial Dentures 


Unit Name

Most Important Topics

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Diagnostic Casts

Indications, Contra Indications

Pontic Designs, Trauma from Occlusion

Mouth Preparation



Retainers and Connectors

Components of FPD

Indications for Non-Rigid FPD

Partial Veneer Crowns

Indications and Contra Indications

Porcelain Jacket Crown



Ante’s Law

Optimum Crown-Root Ratio

Root Surface Area of Each Tooth



Types of Pontics and their Important Features

Gingival End of Pontic

Pontics Suitable for Anterior Region

Pontics Suitable for Posterior Region


Technical Considerations

Forces acting on Abutment Tooth

Structural Durability

Retention, Taper

Freedom of Displacement

Reduction, Types of Crowns

Three-Quarter Crowns

Retentive Grooves

Porcelain Jacket Crown

Indications of Laminates

Metal Ceramic Restorations

Types of Finish Lines and their Indications

Pier Abutment

Lost Salt Technique

Maryland Bridge

Rochette Bridge

Virginia Bridge



Gingival Retraction

Failure of Abutment


Cementation and Post- Cementation Problems

Thickness of Luting Cement

Occlusal Disharmony


Occlusal Considerations

Variation between Centric Relation and Maximum Intercuspation

Canine Protected Occlusion

Bennett Shift

Bennett Movement

Working Side

Non-Working Side

Selective Grinding

Beyron’s Point

Types of Bone Quality



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Thoroughly preparing the Above-listed Topics will definitely help you answer majority of the questions from Prosthodontics in NEET MDS.

Stay Tuned for More Updates on NEET MDS!

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