Reasons why you should do MDS

Almost every BDS Graduate faces the dilemma of whether to go for MDS or not. Dentists are perplexed and face the uncertainty whether doing MDS is really worth it.

In this post, we will highlight the substantial reasons as to why you should opt for MDS.

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Substantial Reasons for Opting MDS

Here we will put light on the significant reasons as to why you should opt for MDS after doing BDS.

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Good Reputation & Recognition

MDS being the first Dental degree in India comes with a lot of respect and prestige. Dentists having completed MDS earn high respect and esteem by the community and society.



If you are desirous to specialize in a particular field of Dentistry, then MDS is mandatory.

Getting a specialization is always a better option since it widens your career prospects.

In the event that you are desirous of being an Oral Surgeon or Endodontist or Prosthodontist, you need to mandatorily pursue the MDS degree.


Academics lecturers

Getting an MDS degree fetches you the job of a lecturer in a Dental college.

The starting pay scales are also very lucrative owing to which doing MDS is highly worthy.

Further, there are good Growth and Promotional avenues from being lecturer to reader to professor level. As everyone must be aware, BDS graduates do get a job in the Dental Colleges, however, pay scales are very low and there are no promotional avenues for the BDS Graduates.

With promotions, pay scales also keep on increasing thereby offering a higher layer of security in comparison to BDS.


Job Security

MDS undoubtedly seems a better and a more secure option for a BDS Graduate in the long run since it offers higher security. MDS Professionals have the options to rise to high positions in the Academics as well as the Administrative departments of the Dental Colleges.

MDS definitely acts as the retirement policy since even after their retirement age, MDS professionals have the opportunity to work in the Administrative Department of the Dental Colleges owing to their immense experience.

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Government Service

After doing MDS, you have the option to get recruited as a Dental Surgeon in the Government Hospitals.

The initial pay scale in a Government service ranges between Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 50,000 per month.

Further, they can get promoted to higher levels by qualifying Departmental Tests with a substantial increase in their pay scales.

MDS professionals can apply to get recruited in Government Dental colleges. Getting recruited as staff in the Government service offers lucrative initial pay scales.

Further, pay scales increase with experience and promotions.


Lucrative Remuneration

MDS Professionals do enjoy lucrative pay scales – in the Government as well as the Private Sector. Getting recruited in Private Institutions offers an initial pay scale ranging between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. The pay scale is further determined by the clinical skills and talent possessed by the professional.

Experienced Doctors receive a pay scale ranging between Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 1,50,000 per month.

The remuneration keeps on increasing with the experience level and performance.


Research Scholar

Dentists desirous of going into the research field have to pursue MDS in order to get a job in that field.

An MDS Professional can join Research and Forensic Departments. MDS Professionals getting recruited in Research and Forensic Departments receive lucrative perks and allowances.

Further, MDS helps in developing competence in Research and its methodology.

Moreover, the job profile offers lot of variety and helps to explore lot of new things.


Provides Extra Edge during Clinical Set Up

Doing an MDS degree helps in acquiring skills in advanced techniques and procedures pertaining to Dental Care and correction. MDS offers a high level of Clinical Proficiency and knowledge. This certainly provides you an extra edge while setting up your Clinical Practice since you will have all the awareness pertaining to all Clinical procedures and equipments.


Private Practice

MDS degree will confer upon you a Specialization. As you know, people these days prefer Specialist Doctors in every field. Therefore, you can earn an immense deal of profit by establishing your own private practice.

Further, you can also manage other aspects of your business such as monitoring finances and profit, marketing, hiring staff and other aspects of administration.

Further, the scope of your Practice climbing heights is high since Specialist Doctors usually charge enormously.

You can easily earn a great deal of profit within a very short span of time.

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India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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We hope this post will give you reasons to opt for MDS and grow your career.

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