Every student pursuing secondary education goes through confusion and uncertainty as to whether Dentistry is really rewarding as a career.

Making a career choice is certainly a very difficult task and one has to figure out the scope and prospects the career offers before making a career choice.

In order to assist you in making an informed career choice, we will highlight the benefits and perks which Dentistry offers as a career option.

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Perks of Being a Dentist

Good Income 

There‘s no doubt that Dentistry as a career offers solid and stable income and offers opportunities to earn phenomenal income.

Though it takes considerable time to make a name within your community as a Dentist, however, it is one of the most rewarding and lucrative career options once have established yourself in the market.

The only pre-requisites for establishing yourself in the community are possessing good Clinical & Communication Skills and using a Sound Marketing Strategy.



Dentistry is undoubtedly one of the most reputed and respectable careers. Dentists hold a reputation similar to Doctors. Dentists are held high in esteem not only by the patients, but by the society and community as well.

Dentists enjoy a good reputation in addition to a lucrative income.

This makes it a highly satisfying profession.

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Most Dentists either run their own practice or move up to partners in a bigger practice.

Therefore, Dentistry as a career offers a lot of autonomy wherein you have to take decisions on your own and are not answerable to anyone.

Dentists enjoy a lot of autonomy since there is no office hierarchy or corporate backstabbing involved.

Dentists enjoy the autonomy of both running their practice and managing their business.

They enjoy autonomy in establishing their business, hiring professionals, monitoring financial performance & profits, independent decision making and promoting their business.


Flexibility in Timings 

Dentists setting up their own practice enjoy flexibility in terms of timings. They have the freedom to run their business as per their convenience. This is unlike corporate setup wherein you have to work for long hours and there is no flexibility in respect of timings.

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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Long-Term Paying Profession 

Dentistry is one of the long term paying vocations since the demand for Dentists consistently grows with the increase in population and more & more people seek dental care with every passing day.

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Offers Variety 

Dentistry is one of the most challenging and difficult professions. You will come across altogether different cases every day. This implies that Dentistry offers consistent learning opportunities wherein you will learn and explore something new with each passing day. It offers exposure to different cases thereby enhancing and brushing up your Clinical skills.


Excitement in Abundance 

Dentistry offers freedom from monotony and boredom of the regular routine.

Being a Dentist, there will be no single day when you will get bored.

Dentistry as a vocation offers a lot of variety since you will come across different types of clinical cases and will have to deal with different types of patients.

You will get immense contentment with the feeling that you are applying your Clinical Knowledge to the benefit of the society.



Dentistry as a profession provides the opportunity to offer real, concrete solutions and actually fix things for people.

You have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. You are acting as a solution provider which itself makes you proud of yourself.



Dentistry as a vocation offers a lot of creativity. It may sound very pragmatic and scientific on some levels, however, the actual work is like carving or sculpting.

Dentistry as a vocation offers ample opportunities to use your creativity for problem solving.

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India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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We are sure that this post will definitely acquaint you about the rewards and perks of becoming a Dentist.

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