How to Intelligently guess an unknown question in NEET MDS? 

No matter how hard you have studied or how confident you feel, there will be times when you will encounter some questions whose answers you will not be assured of.

As everyone must be aware, Negative Marking is a part of this year's NEET MDS exam.

In an exam with negative marking, making Random Guesses does not seem to be a good alternative.

In situations when one comes across questions of which one is not assured, one must strive to maximize their score through Intelligent Guesswork.

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This post will provide insights as to how to answer unknown questions through Intelligent Guesswork.

Tips to Intelligently Guess an Unknown Question in NEET MDS

By Intelligent Guesswork, we mean selecting the best possible answer based on all the available information.

Here are few Tips to answer Unknown Questions through Intelligent Guesswork

1. Read the Question Carefully 

The foremost activity should be to read each statement of the question cautiously. You must pay attention to each and every word since slight misinterpretation can change the answer.

As a consequence, you may end up answering the question incorrectly.

Pay heed to each and every word and avoid missing on any word.

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2. Look for Keywords in the Question

One must look for Keywords in the question since keywords have the potential to alter the meaning of the question and gradually the correct answer. 

Therefore, you need to pay special attention to all the Keywords.


3. If same word appears in Numerous Options, Choose one of them

It sometimes happens that a similar word appears in Numerous options. You need to pay specific attention to such questions since the correct answer is hidden in one of these options only.


4. Try to Eliminate Most Irrelevant Options 

Examiners setting the question paper usually add very irrelevant options in order to confuse the examinees.

You first aim should be to carefully analyze all the given information and then eliminate the most irrelevant options based on the information available.

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5. If two Options Imply the Same Thing, Choose Something Else 

There are several instances wherein two options imply the same thing but are just reworded to appear different.

You must rule out such options since they both cannot be correct owing to the Multiple Choice nature of the questions.

Therefore, eliminate such options and gradually you will be left with two options to choose from.


6. Avoid Alternatives containing ‘All’, ‘Every’ or ‘None’

These quantifiers are usually included into the options to distract and divert you from the correct answer. 

Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to questions containing these words in the options.

Review each option carefully before selecting your response.

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7. Be cautious with ‘All of the Above’

In questions containing ‘All of the Above’ as an alternative, you need to remain extra cautious.

Review each option carefully and analyze whether two options seem to be correct.

Mark your response as ‘All of the Above’ in case you are able to verify that two options are probably correct.


8. When Two Alternatives are Complete Opposites, one of them is Probably Correct 

In case two alternatives are complete opposites, there is a high probability of one of them being correct.

This is a trick used by the examiners to distract you from the correct option and to test whether you have actually studied.


9. The Von Restorff Effect 

We usually refrain from changing the option we select in the first attempt.

Nonetheless, Research reveals that humans tend to change from ‘Wrong’ to ‘Right’.


Research reveals that Percentage of ‘Right to Wrong’ changes is merely 20.2% while the Percentage of ‘Wrong to Right’ changes is 57.8%.

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Hope that this post will surely provide you tips on how to Intelligently Guess an Unknown question in NEET MDS.


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