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Dentistry in New Zealand

A majority of the Dentists prefer to go abroad to practice Dentistry since it Dentistry has a good scope overseas.

Majority of the Dentists think that UK, USA, Canada and Australia are the only places which offer good scope for Dentistry. Dentistry is one of the highest paid professions in these countries.

Nonetheless, New Zealand offers a great scope for Dentistry and bit more cost-effective than other countries.

This post will acquaint you with the various aspects associated with Dentistry in New Zealand.

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Pathways for Gaining Registration as a Dentist in New Zealand

A Foreign Dental Qualification is not valid directly in New Zealand.

In order to register with the Dental Council of New Zealand, one needs to clear their qualifying examination.

The qualifying examination is referred to as ‘New Zealand Dentist Registration Examination (NZDREX)’.


Eligibility Criteria for Applying for Registration

In order to apply for registration as an Oral Health Practitioner, you need to satisfy the following criteria:

  • You must be eligible for Registration
  • You must possess Prescribed Qualification
  • In case you do not possess a prescribed qualification, you must possess a qualification which is evaluated as being equivalent to the prescribed qualification for your scope of practice
  • You must have the competence to practice within that scope of practice.
  • You can only apply for registration as a Dental Practitioner only if you possess the Prescribed Qualification.


What is a Prescribed Qualification?

A Prescribed Qualification is referred to as one which has undergone a formal accreditation process to ensure that it is of an appropriate quality & standard either by the New Zealand Dental Council or another authority whose accreditation processes are recognized by New Zealand.


Prescribed Qualification for Dentists

Here is a list of the Prescribed Qualifications for the Dentists.

In case you are from the countries listed below, you will be directly allowed to practice Dentistry in New Zealand:

1. New Zealand 

  • You must possess Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Otago


  • You must possess Bachelor of Dental Surgery with Honors from the University of Otago


  • You must possess a 5-year UG Dental degree and have passed the New Zealand Dental Registration Examinations.


2. Australia

  • You must possess a UG Dental Degree from accredited by ADC from an ADC Accredited Dental school in Australia


  • You must hold a 5-year UG Dental degree and have passed the ADC licensing examinations


3. USA or Canada 

  • You must hold a UG Dental Degree accredited by CDA from a CDA accredited Dental School in the USA or Canada


  • You must hold a 5 –year UG Dental degree and have passed the USA licensing examinations


4. GDC Accredited Dental Schools in the UK & Commonwealth Countries 

  • You must possess a UG Dental Degree accredited by GDC from a GDC accredited dental school in the UK or Commonwealth Countries

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What if your Qualification is not Prescribed?

In case your qualification is not prescribed, then you have two choices:

  • You need to either Sit an Examination


  • You need to apply to have your overseas, non-prescribed qualifications, training and experience evaluated


In the next article, we will explain the detailed procedure for ‘New Zealand Dental Registration Examination (NZDREX)’. 

Stay Tuned!

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