How to succeed in NEET MDS in Last 40 DaysMajority of the candidates have the tendency to find an excuse.

'I was supposed to start my preparation for NEET MDS 6 months ago to meet the deadlines’

In case you are one among these, then you are on the wrong path and delaying your progress.

Stop making excuses for your performance and fasten your seat belts since you still have 40 days to go.

In this post, we will familiarize you with the strategy and approach you must follow to score much more than 50 percentile in NEET MDS 2017 by utilizing the final 40 days.

 Strategy to Score More than 50 percentile by Utilizing the Final 40 days

Those who understand the importance of time must be aware that every second of the last 40 days is crucial in ascertaining your success in NEET MDS 2017.

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Here are some tips as to how to effectively utilize the last 40 days:

1.Consistent Practice – Attempt More and More Online Mock Tests

This span of last 40 Days must be entirely dedicated to attempting more and more Mock tests.

Consistent practice is vital to success in NEET MDS considering the intense competition scenario.

Attempting Mock Tests will not only help you improve your performance and score but also help in learning Effective Time Management.

Therefore, attempt 3-4 Full-length Tests each week over the span of 40 days.

2.Distribute Time Effectively & Stick to the Schedule

You need to distribute time effectively between Revision and Practice in the last 40 days.

Devise the study schedule in such a way that you are able to dedicate at least 3-4 hours to Revision and 6-7 hours to practice.

Further, it is highly vital to stick to the schedule at this moment since time is restricted and you need to derive the maximum output from the limited number of study hours.

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3. Review Performance after Each Mock Test and Work on Weaker Areas

Merely attempting the Mock Tests does not guarantee success in NEET MDS. ‘Performance Analysis’ will provide you insights into the areas where you are strong and areas where you are weak and improvement is required.

Perform a ‘Question-wise Analysis’ and take note of the questions which you found difficult and revise them repeatedly.

Further, perform a ‘Sub-section’ wise analysis and analyze the number of questions you attempted correctly in each Sub-section and areas where you went wrong.

Therefore, you must review your performance rigorously and identify your mistakes. Dedicate adequate amount of time to strengthening your weak areas and rectifying your mistakes.

Further, make sure not to repeat your mistakes in the successive attempts.

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4.Focus on Enhancing Your Speed and Accuracy

Speed and Accuracy play a vital role in ascertaining your success in NEET MDS. Therefore, your focus must be on enhancing your speed and accuracy as much as possible in the last 40 days.

To achieve high speed and accuracy, attempt ‘Speed Tests’ as much as possible.

Review your performance after each Speed Test and analyze the number of questions answered correctly, time spent per question and accuracy of attempt.

5. Emphasize on Most Important Topics, Concepts & Key points in Revision

You must note that 40 days is a very short time span to be a perfectionist, i.e. you cannot revise the entire syllabus in 40 days time span.

Therefore, your focus must be to revise and recall the Most Important Topics, concepts and key points.

This is important since the information revised now will be retained till the examination period.

Therefore, dedicate this precious time to revising all the Important Topics.

6. Adhere to a Combination Approach

Following a combination approach will enable you to solve and practice nearly 7000 questions in 40 days.

Our Experts reveal on how one can utilize the combination approach to cover at least 170 questions in a day.

You can solve 120 questions each day through Mock Test Practice which will help you cover 4800 questions in 40 days.

Further, you can revise 50 questions with explanations each day which will help you attain a thorough learning of 2000 questions in 40 days.

This technique will facilitate covering approximately 7000 questions in 40 days.

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7. Do not fall for Blind Guesswork while Attempting Mock Tests

Make sure not to stick to blind guesswork while attempting Mock Tests. Instead, you must leave the unknown questions un-attempted and later review the answer and explanations for such questions.

Effective Implementing the Aforesaid Tips will surely help you utilize the last 40 days to the fullest to be able to achieve much more than required 50 percentile in NEET MDS 2017.


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