With merely few months remaining for NEET MDS, this is certainly a crucial time for all the aspirants.

Candidates are not only intimidated by the exam pressure but by the intense competition as well.

In order to stay ahead in the competition and to be able to outshine others, one must be aware of the correct approach to tackle the exam.

In this post, we will familiarize you with the strategy to attempt 240 questions in 180 minutes in the upcoming NEET MDS exam.

Strategy for Attempting 240 Questions in 180 Minutes

Here is a Compact list of Tips which you must implement to be able to solve 240 questions in 180 minutes:

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1. Efficient Time Management

Time Management is one factor which definitely determines your success or failure in the exam.

To be able to correctly answer 240 questions in the limited span of 3 hours, you must learn effective time management by attempting sufficient number of Online Mock Tests.

Strive to improve your time management skills with each subsequent mock test attempt.

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2. Avoid Attempting the Exam in Default Order

Attempting the exam in the default order could land you into trouble since the examiner frames a combination of easy, moderate and difficult questions in the default order.

Attempting exam in the default order leads to getting stuck on difficult and complex questions thereby consuming a plenty of precious time. Consequently, you may end up not completing the exam in this way.

You must focus on attempting questions which you find easy and are assured of being correct.

3. Leave Difficult Questions Unanswered in the Beginning

Make sure not to get stuck on any question for too long.

The best approach to deal with difficult and complex questions is to leave them unanswered initially and later return to them after completing the rest of exam.

4. Read the questions carefully

Make it a point to read each and every statement of the question carefully. This acts as a game changer since missing out on even a single word can alter the meaning of the question and correspondingly the correct answer as well.

Pay attention to words such as ‘All’, ‘None’, ‘Except’, ‘But’ since they alter the meaning of the question.

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5.Stick to Intelligent Guesswork

The need of ‘Guesswork’ arises in questions in which you are not assured of the correct answer.

However, refrain from using Blind Guesswork.

Use Intelligent Guesswork to answer the unknown questions. Review all the options and try to eliminate the ones which seem completely irrelevant.

Then analyze which of the remaining options most appropriately satisfies the question conditions.

This is an easy and effective technique to arrive at the correct answer.

6. ‘When to Mark a question’

The software used in the NEET MDS exam provides an option to ‘Mark’ a question.

Here are some Tips on how to effectively utilize the ‘Mark’ option:

Leave the question un-attempted in case the question appears completely unknown.

In case you feel that you can filter out one or two options and make a guess, attempt and ‘Mark’ the question.

Attempt the question but do not ‘Mark’ it in case you are confident of the answer.

7. Time Management Strategy in NEET MDS

First 120 Minutes

1.Dedicate the first two hours to attempting the exam.

2.Take a guess and ‘Mark’ the questions which you feel you can correctly answer through guesswork

3.Leave a question un-attempted in case the question appears completely unknown

Next 30 Minutes

Review your test and try to solve the previously un-attempted questions. Try to answer questions through Intelligent Guesswork in case the question appears completely unknown.

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Last 30 Minutes

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In this span, go back to the ‘Attempted and Marked’ questions.  Remember, these were the questions in which you were confused.

In case you feel that there is a need to change the answer, do not step back since the likelihood of ‘Right to Wrong’ changes is 20.2% whereas the likelihood of ‘Wrong to Right’ changes is 57.8% which is almost three times.

We are sure that efficiently implementing the above-listed Tips and Strategies will definitely assist you in attempting 240 questions in 180minutes in NEET MDS.

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