NEET MDS exam is just a few weeks away. Revision is highly indispensable to be able to score high in the exam.

In order to make your revision for NEET MDS more effective, our Experts have brought forward this post which will put light on Last 1 Month Revision Tips to ace NEET MDS 2017.

Last 1 Month Revision Tips for NEET MDS 2017

Here, we list some Revision Tips to be followed in the last 1 month which will help you ace the NEET MDS exam:

Prepare a Revision Timetable

You need to devise a Revision Time Table in order to ensure that all subjects are covered in Revision. Planning is absolutely essential as you ought to miss on some subjects if you commence your revision without any revision schedule.

Revision schedule ensures that all subjects are covered and also ensures that revision is completed within time.

This will help you in knowing what to revise and how much time to devote to each revision of each subject and practice.

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Refer to your Notes and Study Material use

Refer to the Books, notes and study material used before in preparation for revision.d before

Make sure not to refer to any new books or study material for any topic at this point since it will only confuse you rather than doing any benefit.

Make sure to revise from all the Notes and study material used before.

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Go through all Important Concepts, Key points

Make sure to thoroughly revise all the important concepts and key points at least two times. This will facilitate retention till the exam. Devote 8-10 hours in revising all the concepts and points.

Enhance your Strong Areas

Everyone has some strong and weak areas.

Your focus should be on enhancing your strong areas. Revise your strong topics as much as you can.

Strive to use your strong areas to your maximum advantage.

Thoroughly revise your Strong Topics rather than taking up new topics at this point.

Commence your Revision with Difficult Subjects

One is bound to make mistakes in their difficult subjects and consequently end up losing marks.

Therefore, your aim should be to first cover your loopholes in your weak subjects.

Commence your revision with the difficult or weak subjects and strive to attain a subject level of expertise in them.

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Adequate Practice

Revision does not only imply mugging up or reading.

Rather, you must put your preparation to Test by attempting Mock Tests and solving Previous Year papers of AIPGDEE and Medical Test papers.

This is indeed, the correct way to gauge your preparation level. Review your performance after each Mock Test and take note of your mistakes.

Strive to rectify your mistakes with each subsequent attempt.

Strive to attempt at least 1 Full-length Mock Test and solve 1 paper each of AIPGDEE and Medical Test papers.

This all will take up 6-7 hours. This will provide you a reality check of your current preparation level.

Use Summary Notes or Sticky Notes

Use Summary notes or any sort of Sticky Notes for remembering all the important keywords and points.

Place the Sticky Notes at some place where you can view them regularly. This will facilitate long – term retention.

Take proper Sleep and Diet

Eat healthy diet in the last one month.

Taking ample amount of green leafy vegetables, raw salads, fruits.

Avoid taking Junk food or alcohol in the last 1 month since they induce sleep and weaken concentration. Further, also drink adequate quantities of water in order to keep your body hydrated.

Also, make it a point to take adequate sleep in order to keep your mind refreshed and healthy. Adequate sleep will help in maintaining the concentration levels and keep you active and vibrant.

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Take Short Breaks in Between the Study Hours

Sitting in the same position for long study hours will lower your concentration levels and induce boredom.

Instead, you must take short breaks regularly in between the study hours.

Eat high-energy and protein rich foods or take a short nap and refresh your mind in the breaks.

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Efficiently Implementing the Above-listed Revision Tips will surely help you to score a good rank and excel in NEET MDS 2017.

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