Setting up and running your first Dental Clinic after BDS is no mean feat in India.

Establishing your own dental practice demands a level of commitment, business acumen, sound financial background and knowledge of various aspects such as industry awareness, marketing strategy, etc.

Indeed, the success or failure of your business will solely be determined by your judgment and decision making abilities.

Sound Clinical knowledge and know-how of the various aspects of your business are pre-requisite for running a successful practice.

This post will enlighten you with all the pre-requisites which must be considered while establishing your Dental Clinic.

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Here, we present an Introductory Guide on the steps involved in Setting up a Dental Clinic in India.

The Most Important Factors to be Considered while setting up a Dental Clinic in India are:

1.Get Your Objectives Straight

Your objectives drive your action, therefore, the foremost activity is to figure out what you need to achieve and accomplish in life.

You must first set out your goals in terms of money, learning and freedom of time. In this, you need to introspect on the amount of money you aim to earn yearly or monthly and the amount of time you wish to dedicate to the practice.

These factors will help you figure out how big or small your dental practice needs to be.

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After planning the size of your business, you need to select the location where you need to set up your business.

In case you have attended any of those business seminars, you will be quiet familiar with the significance location plays.

Location indeed, is a vital factor in deciding the success or failure of your business.

A good location will provide your clinic a fair amount of visibility and exposure. A good location will help you attract a large number of clients which is most important at the initial stage.

Also, make sure to choose a location where there is plenty of space for the equipments, staff, you and the patients. Having a pleasant ambience will provide an environment comfortable for both the patients and the Dentist.

3.Get acquainted with all the Associated Costs

This is another most important factor which must be considered while planning to set up your business.

You first need to evaluate and assess all the expenses associated with establishing a dental practice such as:

  • Monthly Rent of the Location
  • Staff Payroll
  • Infrastructure & Furnishings
  • Water and Electricity costs
  • Costs of Dental Equipments
  • Taxes

Having a complete know-how of all the costs prior to venturing will help in eliminating the surprise factor and make you prepared for financial bottlenecks.

A decent Dental set up will cost around Rs. 5 – 6 lakhs as per the costs in India.

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4.Going Solo or Partnering with Someone

This is another vital factor considering the tremendous and exorbitant costs associated with setting up a Dental Practice.

Although this is purely a subjective decision, however, setting up Dental Practice in Partnership will definitely help in lessening the initial financial burden.

Make sure to team up with someone who is trustworthy and make sure to complete all the legal formalities and paper works in order to avoid any future disputes.

5.Get Your Gear Right

Utilizing equipment certified by trusted Medical Organizations will help in garnering trust among your clients.

Getting basic tools such as Mouth Mirror, dental chair, retractors and Drills of good quality while also maintain good aura and ambience will definitely help you in attracting clients.

Make sure that equipments are sterilized at regular intervals.

6.Hire the Right people

Managing and maintaining the entire clinic all by yourself is a highly daunting task.

Therefore, hiring people skilled in Medical treatments and Clinic Management will help you concentrate on your core work – Treating Patients.

Make sure to hire people having proper clinical knowledge and practical experience.

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7.Figure out Marketing Strategy

You need to also figure out the Marketing Strategy you need to deploy. You can consider having your own website which will ease tasks such as taking appointments, making payments and other options.

Further, you can advertise your business on social media platforms. You can also advertise it online by collaborating with other websites.

Further, advertisement could be done through newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, Boards and hoardings.

8.Maintain & Measure

Another challenge in running a Dental Practice is maintaining dental standards and measuring progress.

This could be accomplished through: 

  • Regular Quality Checks on Dental Equipments
  • Maintaining Accounts and Assessing profits
  • Checking Expiry Dates of Medicines
  • Providing Upgraded Training Sessions to Staff

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We are sure that this post will definitely enlighten you with all the aspects associated with Setting up a Dental Practice in India.

Stay Tuned for More Updates!

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