NEET MDS is just round the corner. With the exam just 7 days away, the way you utilize every second of these final few days can have a substantial impact on your overall performance.

Every second you lose from now can bring you down by several ranks and can cost you a seat in a premier institution.

In this post, we will familiarize you with the Essential Tips for the Final 7 Days to secure an All India Rank below 2000 NEET MDS.

This post will provide you insights of what should be your strategy in the final week prior to the exam and activities that must be avoided in the final week.

Essential Tips for the Final 7 Days before NEET MDS

Do’s for the FINAL WEEK

1. Revise Key Points, Concepts, Highlights & Shortcuts

It is of utmost importance to revise and recall all the important concepts, key points and highlights.

Review all the important concepts with the view that it is your final round of revision. Go through all the important points thoroughly rather than simply reading the material.

Flip through your notes and books and make sure to revise everything important in a way that it is retained till the exam period.

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2. Adopt a Combination Approach for Practice

A combination approach can really serve useful for practicing maximum number of MCQs in the final few days.

You can practice MCQs using a combination of three different modes – Mock Tests, Previous Year Papers and Rapid Online Revision.

This technique helps to extract the best output in the least time using all the three modes.

Learn Combination Approach here

3. Distribute Time Wisely

The final few days is the most crucial time. It is vital to use time judiciously at this crucial stage.

Distribute time wisely between revision and practice. Distribute time keeping in consideration your strong and weak areas.

Also make it a point to take short breaks in between the study hours.

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4. Focus on Strengthening Weak Areas

Your focus in the final few days should be to strengthen the areas where you frequently commit mistakes.

This is imperative since you might end up committing the same mistakes in the final exam thereby lowering your overall performance.

Strive to rectify the mistakes which you commit frequently while attempting mock tests.

Your focus should be to attain a sufficient degree of proficiency in the weak areas.

5. Get Onto the Right Time Schedule

Make it a habit to wake up at the same time that you will be required to do on the day of the exam.

This will get you into the rhythm coordinated with the exam schedule.

Make sure not to take a nap between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM otherwise you will accustom your body to shutting down between the critical exam hours.

Rising early and sleeping early will help you to build the rhythm in accordance to the exam schedule.

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6. Review the Tutorial on the official NBE Website

Make it a point to go through the Exam Tutorial available on the official NBE website. The tutorial will provide you an overview of the NEET MDS User interface. It also comprises a fully functioning practice test.

Make sure to go through the Tutorial since it will accustom you with the Official exam software and reduce problems which might be encountered on the exam day.

7. Get Acquainted with Your Strong & Weak Areas

It is of vital importance to get acquainted with your strong as well as weak areas. Knowing your strengths & weaknesses will give you a much more sense of control over the exam.

This will facilitate attempting the exam in a much more organized & systematic way and ensure that unnecessary time is not spent on any questions.

Awareness of your strengths & weaknesses will help you to analyze which questions to attempt and which questions to leave for later review.

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8. Take sufficient amount of sleep

Make sure to take at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep each day. Sleep is essential to refresh and rejuvenate the mind.

Adequate sleep increases the concentration power of mind resulting in increase in productivity.

Studying for long hours without adequate sleep deprives the mind of energy & concentration.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to strike a balance between sleep and study.

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1. Avoid Referring to New Study Resources

Make it a point not to prepare from any new source in the final week.

As some contradicting questions may end up getting you confused & bewildered and may forget the already retained information.

2. Do Not Fall Prey to Distractions

Make sure not to waste the final few precious hours on distractions.

This is the time to disconnect from the world and only focus on your exam.

Avoid spending time on Mobiles, laptops, social media, etc. Dedicate your entire time to preparation.

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3. Do not Succumb to Exam Pressure/Avoid Stress

Some candidates have the tendency to fall prey to exam anxiety and stress. Try to stay calm and composed.

Remain confident & avoid taking undue anxiety/stress.

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Effectively implementing the aforesaid tips will definitely help you to get through the NEET MDS exam with a good rank and score.

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