NEET MDS exam is only one day away and we are sure that you all must be putting in all efforts to grab a seat in your dream Speciality.

Besides putting efforts in preparation, you must also formulate a strategy for the NEET MDS exam attempt.

You need to plan out your Minimum Targeted Attempt prior to the exam to be able to score high in the exam.

In order to resolve the queries of the aspirants, our Experts have brought forward this article which will provide insights into the number of questions which one must aim to attempt in the NEET MDS exam.

How much to Attempt?

This is a million dollar question as this factor alone determines your ranking in the NEET MDS exam.

As everyone must be aware, the exam will comprise 240 MCQs carrying 1200 Marks weight age.

Added to that there is No Negative Marking in NEET MDS.

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Ideal Attempt in NEET MDS

Now, the big question arises pertaining to the number of questions to be attempted in the NEET MDS exam.

Well, this is a highly subjective issue and depends on your preparation level.

However, we will provide some Tips which will guide you about the ideal attempt in NEET MDS exam.

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Tips on Ideal Attempt

Attempt Maximum since there is No Negative Marking

Since Negative Marking is not a part of the NEET MDS exam, A Question left Un-Attempted is equivalent to A Question Answered Incorrectly.

Therefore, you have the golden opportunity to attempt as many questions as possible since the exam does not incorporate Negative Marking.

Therefore, your aim must be to Attempt Maximum No. of Questions. This is always vital owing to the intense competition and a substantially few seats in the MDS program.

Leaving more than 30 % Exam Un-Attempted Will Lower your Chances Substantially

In an exam free from Negative Marking, leaving 30 to 40% exam un-attempted is the biggest blunder one can ever commit.

Its’ like committing suicide!

Remember, leaving majority of the exam un-attempted will enormously lower your ranking and score and substantially lower your chances of landing anywhere in a good speciality or college.

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Intense Competition owing to Non-Uniform Marking Scheme

Another major issue which will surely prove as the cause of your anxiety is the Non - Uniform Marking Scheme used in the NEET MDS.

All MCQs in the NEET MDS do not carry equal weight age in the NEET MDS exam.

Marking Scheme of NEET MDS

 1. Prometric Software assigns ‘Higher Weight Age’ to questions which are answered Incorrectly by Majority of the Test Takers.

 2. Likewise, Prometric Software assigns ‘Lower Weight Age’ to questions which are answered ‘Correctly’ by Majority of the Test Takers.

Owing to the uneven marks distribution, competition level is bound to be tremendous and gigantic.

Therefore, you need to attempt maximum number of questions in order to increase your chances of getting through.

Refrain from Blind Guesswork, Rely on Intelligent Guesswork

There is no point in answering the unknown questions through blind guesswork since you can never be assured of being correct in this way.

It is a 50-50 situation in which you end up getting marks or might lose marks.

The smart way to respond to unknown questions is by using Intelligent Guesswork.

When a question appears completely unknown, go through the options first in order to reach the correct answer.

Carefully analyze the options and eliminate the ones which seem completely irrelevant.

Then, analyze which of the remaining options most appropriately satisfies the conditions given in the question.

Using this technique, you will be able to easily arrive at the correct solution.

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Do not get Stuck on any question for ‘Too long’

One more important issue which affects your overall attempt is your strategy of attempt.

Make it a point not to invest ‘Too Much’ time in any question.

If you are uncertain about the correct answer, then use the ‘Mark for Review’ option through which you can get back to the question at a later stage.

Spending ‘Too Much’ time on any question will significantly lower your overall attempt.

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Time Management

Make it a point to keep track of the time while attempting the paper. Do not lose track of the time since this way the exam will slip from your hand and it will substantially lower your overall attempt.

We hope that this post will definitely guide you on how to fix your targeted attempt in the NEET MDS exam.

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