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The second day of the NEET MDS exam elicited mixed responses from the examinees.

Overall, December 1st 2016 session of NEET MDS was on the easier side.

PrepLadder is the fastest platform to bring forward the Detailed Exam Analysis of December 1st 2016 session.

Exam Analysis has been compiled by gathering genuine reviews of the candidates who appeared in NEET MDS in December 1st 2016 session.

Detailed Exam Analysis of NEET MDS - December 1st 2016 Sessions

1. Overall Difficulty Level – Easy to Moderate

December 1st 2016 slot of the NEET MDS was overall on the easier side.

Majority of candidates stated that the exam was of Moderate Difficulty level while some candidates reported that the exam was quite easy. 

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2. Type of Questions – Mix of Clinical and Theoretical – More Emphasis on Dental Questions

December 1st 2016 paper comprised a Mix of clinical and theoretical questions. Candidates were reported stating that December 1st session comprised more of Dental questions in comparison to November 30th slot.

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3. Basic Medical Subjects

Basic Medical Subjects once again were there in the December 1st slot.

Candidates appearing in the upcoming days are thereby advised to focus on the Basic Medical Subjects.

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4. Difficult Aspect: Confusing Clinical Questions

The only difficult aspect of the exam were the Clinical Questions. Few candidates reported that Clinical Questions were quite tricky and confusing.

5. Image-Based Questions – Few – Moderate Difficulty

Image-Based questions did not bring in much trouble since they were only a few in number. Further, Image-Based questions were of Moderate Difficulty level.

Therefore, overall, Image-Based questions were scoring.

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6. Questions from PrepLadder’s Recent All India NEET MDS Mock Exam

PrepLadder’s Recent All India NEET MDS Mock exam again proved beneficial to the candidates.

Candidates stated that few same questions from the PrepLadder’s Mock Exam appeared in the NEET MDS exam conducted on December 1st.

Candidates expressed their gratitude as to how PrepLadder’s NEET MDS Mock Exam and Online Test Series contributed to their overall performance in the NEET MDS.

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Expert Tip for Candidates Appearing in Upcoming Days

Analyzing the exam analysis of the November 30th and December 1st session, Expert Advice for candidates appearing in the upcoming days is to concentrate more on the Fundamental Medical and Dental Subjects since large number of questions are appearing from the Basic Subjects.

Hope that the Exam Analysis will surely prove beneficial to the candidates appearing in the Upcoming Days.

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