From the dawn of Dentistry, people have always been afraid of Dental visits. A chill runs through the spine of majority of people when it comes to a Dental visit.

For majority of people, Dental Treatment is one of the most awful experiences that they would go through owing to the long, painful procedures and the instruments being used.

You would rather do anything else on the planet than stepping into a Dental clinic.

This post will provide insights into the reasons as to why people are apprehensive of Dental visits.

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Here we list some of the common fears associated with Dental visits:

1. Fear of Pain

The intense pain arising from a dental procedure stands as one of the top reasons as to why people are apprehensive of Dental visits.

The fear of pain makes people anxious and apprehensive even before stepping into a Dental clinic.

Teeth and Gums are the most sensitive regions of the body therefore, threat of pain to these areas is even more alarming.

Every procedure incurs some amount of pain thereby making a Dental visit unpleasant.

People who have previously felt nudges of pain at a Dental clinic never wish to experience the same again.

2. Fear of Needle

Needle still persists to be one of the best dental phobias amongst all generations. The concept of using a syringe is to inject anaesthetics into your gums so that you are not able to feel the pain.

The pressure of the needle against your gums is often painful and unpleasant.

The fear of needle being inserted into your mouth and the resulting pain make dental visit a highly unpleasant experience.

3. Dental Drill

Dental Drill is another major fear which majority of people have even before a dental visit.

Everything from the earsplitting drill with the spray to the weird sounds it makes inside the mouth seem quite awful to majority of people.

The high-pitched sound of the drill combined with the suction serves quite overwhelming for majority of people.

4. Embarrassment

Many people are apprehensive of Dental visits since they are embarrassed due to their dental health or oral hygiene.

Many people hold the view that their Teeth or Gums are the worst the dentist has ever seen.

Avoiding a dental visit just due to embarrassment and humiliation will only worsen your dental problems.

A simple cavity can transform into a root canal if it is left untreated for a very long time.

6. Gagging or Choking

Another common fear associated with a dental visit that people feel that they will gag or choke while being in the Dental chair.

People are generally apprehensive of Dental instruments in contact with their mouth and feel that they are unable to breathe.

7. Too Expensive

An enormous amount of money is involved in every single dental visit.

Many people think that dental visits are not affordable since a tremendous amount is required to be spent on each dental visit.

Money serves as a major factor for people avoiding dental visits or visiting dental quacks.

8. Unpleasant Memories

If someone has had a previous unpleasant experience at a Dental clinic, fear gets locked in their mind forever and they will never enjoy visiting a dental clinic again. Visiting a dental clinic would be a nightmare for them and they will be discouraged from stepping foot into a dental clinic ever again.

How to Overcome Dental Fears

The dentist has to put in a lot of efforts to put the patient at ease before commencing a Dental procedure.

The Dentist must be aware of how to tackle the patient more psychologically than dentally.

1. Patient Counseling

The Dentist has to counsel the patient and motivate him/her for Treatment. The Dentist must explain both the good aspects of taking treatment and the probable outcomes of not taking treatment.

2. Creating a Comfortable Atmosphere in Dental Clinic

The Dentist must aim to create a non-threatening and comfortable atmosphere in the clinic. Instead of putting up some hard-to-watch and fearful posters of Gum disease and fractures, the dentist should put up something soothing which makes the patient more comfortable.

3. Putting the Patient at Ease

The Dentist must try his best to make the patient as comfortable as possible. The Dentist must explain the treatment procedure to the patient along with the other aspects such as the amount of time the procedure will take and what degree of pain to expect from the procedure.

Many patients unaware of the degree of pain resulting from the procedure react and complicate the procedure sometimes when the instruments are still in mouth.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to counsel the patient prior to commencing the procedure.

4. Dentistry is not expensive...Neglect is

The Dentist must try to teach his patients that getting your dental problems treated at an early phase is never expensive, but it is the patient's neglect that complicates the things.

5. Newer Technology

Dentist must incorporate newer technologies in his clinic, many technologies focus on reducing pain sensation by patients.
One can also use Topic anesthesia before dental injects to reduce pain sensation.

We are sure that this post will definitely familiarize you with all the fears associated with a Dental visit and the techniques to overcome them.

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