Preparing for MDS in 2017? Take 3 minutes to read this blog, it might prove to be a career building decision.

After hosting the most competitive test series for MDS preparation in 2016 and producing many toppers in the same year, PrepLadder is coming back with its flagship series for MDS aspirants.

The “MDS Guarantee pack” for 2017 has just one vision: Genuine score improvement for each of our student.

Our tech team has incorporated artificial intelligence in our testing software with the help of machine learning.

This unique software will tell you your weak areas and exactly what's holding you back from getting a MDS seat.

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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What is artificial intelligence?

How will it help you improve scores?

PrepLadder will be the only software that will now be able to map your entire test taking process, analyse it and tell you:

  1. Questions you were confused in during the exam.
  2. Questions you answered wrong due to a silly mistake.
  3. Questions you answered wrong due to inattentiveness.

Based on all this information, we will suggest you the subjects, topics and sub topics you need to focus on, and also, how to study them.

Additional Feature?

PrepLadder software will also give you an option to mark any question for revision later. All the “marked for revision” questions will be available for you to revise easily for the entire year.

What will be the Quality of the content?

PrepLadder content is built through meta-analysis of NEET and AIIMS exams.

10-15 questions were asked in each session this time from PrepLadder tests, next year the number is expected to rise.

What if you have a doubt?

This year’s AIIMS, Army dental Corps, PGI and NEET toppers will be personal mentors for our students and help in doubt clarification.

Apart from asking unlimited doubts from your mentors, you can also ask them anything about study schedule, best books to study and exam taking strategy.

Other unique features

1. Access to PrepLadder app downloadable from app store for offline revision.

2. 12,000+ expected competitors for genuine competition analysis.

3. Same software as the real NEET and AIIMS MDS for real exam day experience.

With all these advancements PrepLadder is now equipped to provide a complete personalized learning tool to help you genuinely improve scores and get your dream MDS seat.

When will the series start?

Series has been launched on 15th January with one of its kind “Gateway Exam”

Gateway exam consists of 400 questions handpicked by our faculty from most important topics in BDS.

Take this exam before starting your preparation, our software’s unique Artificial Intelligence will analyze your level at the beginning and access how much work needs to be done to get you a clinical MDS seat.

It will then generate an hourly study plan for you to complete the entire syllabus in time.

What will be the schedule and cost and when can I register?

For complete MDS Guarantee pack 2017 schedule, Click Here.

MDS Guarantee pack registrations are now open.

To Register click here.

For more info, feel free to mail us at

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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