Since the NEET MDS exam has gone through a lot of changes, so has the way people prepare for it.

So would you like to know what majority of Doctors are doing to prepare for MDS that you are missing out on?

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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The answer is PrepLadder.

PrepLadder has brought about a revolution in MDS preparation.

Our Mock Tests will reinvent the way people prepare for the toughest and the most important exam of their life- MDS entrance exam.

Why do we term it as ‘Revolution’?

What is so special about PrepLadder’s Test Series that you will find nowhere else…..??

How can PrepLadder’s Test Series help you gain an advantage over your competitors in MDS?

We are going to answer all these questions in 9 Simple Points.

1. MPL Analytics

The major objective of taking a mock test prior to the actual exam is self-analysis and every institute provides you ranking against other competitors.

However, PrepLadder has taken a leap forward with its all new “MPL Analytics”.

The analytics is so detailed and generations ahead of everyone else that it can cut your revision time by 30% and will also facilitate ‘Better Time Management’ during the exam. This will ensure that you never have to submit an ‘Incomplete Test’.

Our ‘State of the Art’ Tech team has helped us in achieving this.

2. Comprehensive in Nature

Our Test Series in comprehensive, i.e. it covers all the aspects required for a Holistic MDS preparation.

It is designed to reduce your extra efforts and save you from wasting time on unessential aspects.

3. Score Improvement by Means of Artificial Intelligence

Our State of the Art tech team has incorporated Artificial Intelligence into our Testing Software with the aid of Machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence software will help in enhancing your scores by examining your entire test taking and familiarizing you with:

  • Questions in which you were Confused or the Questions in which you spent excess amount of time although you answered it correctly at the end
  • Questions which you answered Incorrectly due to Silly Mistakes
  • Questions which Toppers get wrong (Compiled on the basis of data gathered from previous years)
  • ‘Mark Questions for Revision’: You will be furnished with an option to ‘Mark’ any question for Revision at a later stage. All the ‘Mark for Revision’ questions will be saved in the Revision tab which you could revise anytime later

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4. Practice as per your Convenience

Preparing with PrepLadder, you will not be required to align your preparation according to the Test Schedule. Unlike the Test Series offered by other institutes, you will be free to take tests as per your convenience and when you are prepared.

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5. Top Quality Content

Our content has been designed by Subject Experts strictly in adherence to the latest pattern of the exam.

Questions have been handpicked to design each test to ensure that it is balanced.

PrepLadder is the only platform to predict new questions that can appear in various MDS exams.

In fact, a large number of questions have appeared from our MDS Test Series in this year’s NEET MDS exam.

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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6. Furnishes an ‘Authentic Rank’

PrepLadder with its user base in Thousands which is increasing consistently serves like Pre-MDS for MDS aspirants.

And we are calling it since thousands of candidates attempt our Comprehensive Mock Test series prior to appearing in MDS.

Therefore, the rank and percentile you secure with our Test Series will depict your actual status against the intense competition in MDS exams.

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7. Authentic Solutions & References

Detailed Solutions with References are furnished at the end of every Test. These solutions are self-explanatory, however, in case you still face trouble understanding any of the explanations, our panel of Experts are always ready to answer your doubts.

8. Software which Simulates the Real Exam

PrepLadder is the only platform to offer the same software as the real exam.

Our Test Series will provide you exposure to the real exam environment even prior to attempting the Actual exam.

Test Series will make you accustomed to the Testing Platform therefore, you will not face any difficulty while attempting the actual exam.

9. Customized Improvement Plan

It is indeed true that any single plan cannot satisfy the requirements of all the candidates.

Every individual is different in terms of their learning pace, grabbing power, intellect.

Keeping all this into consideration, a single plan cannot apply to all.

Gateway exam closely monitors your behavior during Test, analyzes your weak subjects and the areas where you waste time.

It then generates a custom study plan as per your requirements, thereby ensuring that you derive the maximum output from your preparation.

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You need to start now to actually benefit from these features.

You will observe a jump of minimum 25 marks in your performance after just 1 Online Test.

Wondering how to start?

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India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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