‘Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail’. We are sure everyone must have heard this phrase. We all frame plans but sometimes we fail to follow them and sometimes the plans are quite unrealistic.

In this era of rigorous competition, it is next to impossible to qualify AIIMS MDS and secure a good rank without following a systematic study plan.

In this post, we will discuss the strategy on how to make a Realistic study plan to keep your preparation on track for the upcoming AIIMS MDS exam.

Benefits of a Study Schedule

First of all, we will discuss the benefits of framing a study plan for the upcoming AIIMS MDS exam:

  • Facilitates Systematic & Organized Preparation
  • Facilitates Completion of Syllabus within time
  • Facilitates Assigning Time to Subjects as per their Weight Age Perspective
  • Helps to Keep Track of your Overall Progress
  • Facilitates Studying as per your Pace and enhances the learning process
  • Facilitates Keeping the Stress at Bay as the exam approaches
  • Increases the Chances of Qualifying the Exam

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Wake Up Alarm ǃ

There is no single study plan which can be applicable to every individual. A study plan must be framed keeping in mind your current preparation status, your pace of learning and time remaining for the exam.

The time perspective is most important while framing a Study Schedule.

Since the AIIMS MDS exam is just 4 months away, you need to frame the study schedule in a way to ensure both completion of syllabus as well as adequate revision & practice is achieved within the time frame.

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Tips for Framing AIIMS MDS Study Plan

  • Prepare the Schedule keeping in consideration that only 4 months are remaining for the exam
  • Devote at least 6-7 hours regularly to preparation while also keeping 2-3 hours for Practice and Revision
  • Do not delve deep into any topic. Time restriction demands to cover more syllabus, therefore cover the basics first
  • Frame a strategy for attempting the exam
  • Attempt to cover all topics so that no ghost of any missed topic would haunt you
  • Mock Tests and Test Series always act as saviors, therefore, practice Mock Tests regularly

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After framing a plan by keeping the above points into consideration, frame a list of what, when and how much time you will study each day.

Adhere to a plan & you will be paid back overwhelmingly.

Do you want a Customized Study Plan?

It is obvious that a single study plan cannot fit the needs of every individual.

Every individual has different learning pace, intellect level and grabbing power. Therefore, a customized study plan serves as the best to extract the maximum productivity from the restricted time span.

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We also provide customized study plan as per your learning abilities and strong & weak subjects.

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India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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