This is possibly the biggest question which arises in the minds of every MDS aspirant.

Right from the BDS days, students have confusion in their minds as to When, What and How to prepare for NEET MDS Entrance.

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Through this blog, we have tried to answer all these queries.

Further, since the priorities and goals are different at each stage of BDS, we have segregated the Preparation strategy into 4 sections – starting from the BDS 1st year to Post- Internship period.

Section A – From 1st Day in BDS to Pre-Final Year

Preparation strategy during this duration must comprise the following:

1. Thoroughly Read Your Standard Textbooks:

Your objective in this duration should be to thoroughly read your standard textbooks while preparing for your professional university exams. Focus on clarifying and strengthening your basics and concepts during this span. This will pay off in the long run as you will not have enough time later to study each textbook thoroughly.

2. MCQ Books will be an add-on to your preparation:

MCQ Books can never substitute the Standard Textbooks. You must refer to these MCQ books only after you have thoroughly studied your Standard textbooks and you are able to recall maximum information and facts. Solving few MCQs regularly besides your routine studies can be an added advantage since you will learn as to how to apply concepts to different scenarios.

3. Attend Lectures & Postings:

Make sure to attend all the lectures held during the BDS since classroom is the place to clarify your concepts and get problems solved through Professors. Attending Lectures regularly is the most effective way of learning and getting your queries resolved.

4. Method to Read Text Books

The most effective way of studying Text Books is to highlight all the important points and concepts with a highlighter in the First reading. This reduces overall time spent in effective preparation for MDS at a later stage.

Prepare only the Important Topics, concepts and points as directed by Professors and seniors.

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Section B: For BDS Final Year Students

Final year is the most stressful period for all the BDS students. Adhere to the normal routine and never try anything heroic in the Final year.

For the list of books which you should follow in the Final year of BDS Click here.

Section C – During Internship Period

Take a short break as you have just passed the Final BDS Exams. However, this euphoria is not everlasting, therefore, use this time to relax and prepare your mind for the next battle.

Get back to your preparation and avoid delaying things for later. It never takes too long to lag behind since you will have many other things added to your daily routine from this point of time. Therefore, you need to organize your time systematically to make sure that you do not lag behind in any of the tasks.

It might seem difficult to spare time for preparation during the Internship period, however, this is the only time to complete all the topics thoroughly.

Go through notes or read question banks or anything you have read before.

You can classify the Topics into 3 categories:

Category 1 – Topics which can be retained in a single reading must be kept under this category. Majority of the Easy Topics will fall under this category

Category 2 – Topics which require multiple readings to get retained and can be retained longer after that should fall under this category. Study these topics and revise them when you longer retain them.

Category 3 - This category must include the topics which cannot be retained for long. Your focus should be to prepare these topics again and again.

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Section D – Post-Internship Period

This time must be dedicated to attempting large number of Mock Tests. Review your performance after each Mock Test and strive to strengthen your weak areas. Focus on enhancing your accuracy and speed. Attempt Speed Tests for this purpose.

Attempt Subject-Wise as well as Full-length tests and strive to overcome your mistakes with each attempt.

Study and solve previous year papers with explanations. Dedicate ample time to Revision.

Revise and recall all the important and high-yielding concepts and points. Give at least 2 or 3 rounds of Revision.

Your aim should be to retain most of the information you have studied.

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Remember, its’ never too late to start Preparation..

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