One of the hardest phase of your career begins at the end of BDS when you have to start thinking about what you need to accomplish next in life – either go for Clinical practice or go for MDS.

In case you opt going for MDS, it can be a tough decision as to which Speciality/Discipline to opt for.

Majority of people start narrowing down their preferences in third year when they get to experience what actually happens in various dental specialities.

Over the course of Internship, you are supposed to be narrowing it down to your most likely options.

It’s one of the toughest decisions to make, mind is filled full with uncertainty and fears about locking into the wrong speciality.

This blog will provide guidance as to how to wisely select a Dental Speciality that will be keep you happy your entire life.

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How to Wisely Opt a Dental Speciality that will keep you happy your Entire Life

We will now provide guidelines as to how to opt a Dental Speciality that will be a wise decision and keep you happy:

1. Pick for Yourself

It does not matter what your parents or relatives want you to opt. It is your life ultimately and you must select the Speciality of your choice in order to derive satisfaction from your job.

It is better to choose Speciality of your choice rather than regretting entire life for wrong decisions.

2. What are you good at and enjoy?

Majority of people drop out the first condition. However, an important point to note is that selecting a Speciality which you enjoy but you are not good at will imply disservice to your patients. In the same manner, picking a Speciality that you are good at but do not enjoy will imply disservice to you.

Never choose any Speciality which you don’t enjoy or are not good at just on the basis of someone’s advice.

Therefore, you must look for something which will satisfy both conditions and ensure that neither you nor your patients suffer.

3. When in uncertainty, leave your options as open as possible

Never take any decision when you are in doubt. Keep your options as open as possible when you are confused.

4. Take lifestyle into account

Take your lifestyle into account while selecting a Speciality.

In case you desire to earn a lot of money, go for a Speciality which such as Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Orthodontics or Oral Surgery which can pay you heavily in future.

If you are alright with staying up late at work to stabilize a patient or dealing with emergency cases, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery will be an appropriate choice.

Take your personal preferences into consideration while selecting a Speciality because if you opt for a lifestyle that won’t work for you, you will burn out.

5. What do you value most?

You need to consider what fascinates you the most while selecting a speciality.

Ask yourself such questions as do you love to treat Complex cases or are you fascinated by Research.

Take into consideration the postings you excelled at and the ones you disliked. You need to trust your gut feeling many times while selecting the right path.

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6. Are you looking for variety

If you enjoy the unpredictable, you can opt for a speciality such as Prosthodontics or Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery or Endodontics.

On the other hand, if you desire a structured lifestyle or prefer private practice, then you can opt for Pedodontics or Orthodontics or Oral Medicine & Radiology or Oral Pathology.

7. How do you perform under Stress?

Every individual does not possess the ability to work under stress.

Stress can result from long working hours, managing life-threatening situations, operating your own practice, etc.

You need to figure out if you possess the ability to work under stressful situations.

In case you outperform yourself in stressful situations, go for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery or Prosthodontics or Endodontics.

Otherwise, opt a speciality that does not involve much stress.

8. Select the Speciality you are Most Skilled at

You get to explore all the disciplines during your BDS and Internship period.

During this period, you will also become aware of the areas for which you possess the aptitude/skills.

The phase of Internship will familiarize you with the areas for which you have the aptitude.

9. How Important is Doing Procedures?

Certain Dentists enjoy performing procedures while others enjoy doing diagnostics.

Therefore, go for a discipline on the basis of the category you fall into.

10. Are you a People Person?

Certain Specialities involve more patient contact than others. In case you enjoy a lot of patient contact, then opt for Public Health Dentistry otherwise opt for Oral Pathology or Oral Medicine & Radiology in case you are an introvert.


Asking yourself the aforesaid questions will help you make the correct choice in speciality selection. Do not make wrong choice on the basis of external influences. Make a right choice for yourself so that it keeps you happy and you do not regret your decisions later.

More Updates will follow.

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