Ever since the declaration of NEET MDS 2017 Results, confusion and anxiety must be going through the minds of the aspirants as to which Discipline/Speciality to choose while locking in their choices.

Opting a Speciality/Discipline can be quite difficult decision. Locking in any Speciality/Discipline without being aware of its future scope is not the correct approach.

One must go through the future scope of each Dental Speciality prior to locking in choices.

Through this blog, PrepLadder will familiarize you with the Job Profile and Future Scope of MDS in Community or Public Health Dentistry.

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What does Community Dentistry Deal With?

The Discipline of Community or Public Health Dentistry is centred around prevention and control of Dental diseases and promotion of Dental Health through organized community efforts.

This Discipline is concerned with more of General Dentistry at the out-reach levels and also with Research on Oral Health Care.

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MDS Community Dentistry -  Course Suitability

This Discipline is appropriate for the candidates possessing the following abilities:

  • Candidates capable of conducting Oral Health Surveys with a view to identify all the Oral Health Problems affecting the Community and identify solutions utilizing the multi-disciplinary approach
  • Candidates desirous of providing Basic & Advanced Health Promotion and contributing their efforts in educating the community about health awareness and importance of achieving good oral hygiene 
  • Candidates desirous of going for further higher studies

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MDS Community Dentistry -  Essential Skills

Candidate must possess basic understanding of the historical context of Oral Health Care System, Structure & Function, Role of Oral Health Care as a part of General Health care system.

MDS Community Dentistry -  Future Scope

Community Dentistry is gaining immense popularity over the years.

MDS in Community Dentistry has great scope in Government jobs. They are selected at priority in Government jobs and may reach top-level positions at a later stage wherein they are involved in formulation of Policies in connection with Dental Diseases.

In Government jobs, they will be involved in Leading the Surveys and preparing the Reports for the Government.

Community Dentists possess employment opportunities in Government organizations such as Public Health Foundation of India as well other Government & Private Dental Hospitals and Healthcare panels of different companies.

Community Dentists also possess employment opportunities in teaching field.

Community Dentists can work as lecturers and Professors in both Government & Private Dental Colleges and Universities.

Community Dentists also possess employment opportunities in Railways, Community Healthcare Services, Military Hospitals and NGOs.

In India, Public Health Dentistry is considered a Non-Clinical Department and given less preference/priority by the candidates as their PG choice though it forms the basis of Dental Health Care Services and holds the key for developing awareness with regard to the social aspects of the profession and the responsibility towards community.

Community Dentistry as a profession is viewed as a challenging job since Community Dentists are required to face Community and solve Dental Health problems.

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We hope that this blog will familiarize you with the Future Scope of MDS in Community Dentistry and will help you make an informed PG choice.

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More Updates will follow.

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