With the counseling registration and Choice Locking process for NEET MDS 2017 approaching, a lot of uncertainty and confusion must be going through the minds of the aspiring seeking admissions to MDS program through NEET MDS 2017.

Selection of a Discipline/Speciality is one of the toughest decisions that one is required to make. It is a complete life changer and therefore, one should select a Discipline only after being aware of the scope and future prospects of each Discipline.

Through this blog, we will update you about the Nature of work and Future Scope of MDS in Orthodontics.


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What does Orthodontics Deal with?

Orthodontics represents the branch of dentistry that is concerned with the study and management of Malocclusions. In simpler words, it is concerned with correcting Irregularities of the Teeth or developing jaws in order to enhance both the function and appearance of the Mouth & Face.

Orthodontists are concerned with recognizing the various characteristics of a Malocclusion, defining the nature of the problem including the Etiology in case probable, Designing a Management Strategy on the basis of specific needs and desires of the individual and presenting the Management strategy to the patient in a way that the patient completely comprehends the ramifications of his/her decision.


MDS Orthodontics – Essential Skills

Orthodontics is a discipline that requires dedication, accuracy, commitment and strong vision. 

Those desiring to become Orthodontics should have an Eye for Detail, must be able to operate Advanced Technological Tools, must work well with their hands and should be capable of communicating effectively with patients.

Orthodontics must have good Time Management skills, Good Hand-Eye coordination, manual dexterity and great logical & analytical thinking.


MDS Orthodontics – Future Scope

Plenty of opportunities exist for Orthodontists. Orthodontists can get employed in the Dental Department of Government & Private Hospitals. Job Opportunities also exist in Railways, Armed Forces and Research fields.

For those desirous of getting into Academics, opportunities exist in Universities/Dental Colleges to Lecturer and Professor Roles. The Discipline also provides the opportunity of setting up one’s own Dental clinic. This discipline also provides an option for going into further studies such as Ph.D. and M. Phil.

Orthodontics also have employment opportunities in the medical laboratories wherein they are required to study Diagnostic Records such as Medical/Dental Histories, pictures of patients’ face and teeth, plaster models of teeth and X-Rays.


MDS Orthodontics – How Much an Orthodontist Earns

Orthodontics is one of the most sought after discipline with good prospects. Pay scale of an orthodontist relies on numerous factors such as the skill and work experience, type of employment and geographical area.

An experienced Orthodontist can earn nearly Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1,00, 000 or more per month. Foreign nations such as UK and Australia offer handsome pay scale to experienced Orthodontists.


We hope that going through this blog will help you make an informed choice with regard to Selection of Speciality.


More Updates will follow.

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India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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