This blog is very important for all those candidates who aim to get a MDS seat this year and have just started with their preparation.

The number of candidates who apply for NEET MDS is increasing every year and thus the level of competition has also risen making it tough for the aspirants to clear this exam. According to stats, around 20000 aspirants competed in NEET MDS for a few thousand seats this year.

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Every competitor works really hard to get desired seat in a government college but nowadays only hard work does not help you in clearing the exam, you need to work smart as well in order to get what you really desire.

To memorize each and every topic is not possible, thus smart work along with hard work and sincere dedication is the best strategy to clear any exam.

For this, one needs to prioritize the topics depending on their weight-age in the examination. According to our alumni who cracked NEET MDS this year, if one prepares for about 8 to 9 months religiously, he/she will surely crack this exam.Aspirants should divide and devote time to every topic according to the weightage of the subject. To prepare for any vast subject, one or two week time is more than enough and short subjects can be prepared within 3 to 4 days. Whole syllabus should be covered properly within first 5 to 6 months followed by rigorous revision and practice for next 3 months. 

Following are the important points that one should keep in mind while preparing for NEET MDS:

1. Prioritizing the topics:

First and foremost thing one must do is spend some time to jot down important topics that need to be covered first. There are different ways of doing this. This could be done by going through the previous question papers and jotting down important points. You can also go through the work PrepLadder has done for you. We have prepared a downloadable list consisting of important subjects and topics, organized in a decreasing order of priority after a rigorous analysis of last 15 years question papers.

To download the list of important topics visit: Most important topics for NEET MDS preparation

2. Read your notes and highlights:

Next crucial and continuous step for initial months would be preparing notes.As mentioned earlier, last 3 months should be only revision, so these notes will help you to retain whatever you have prepared within a small span of time. Incase you don’t have a habit of making notes and highlighting important points, you should start it now.

3. Making the right selection of Books for NEET MDS

One should not run after collecting lots of books for every subject rather prepare each subject from one but the best book available.

Here’s a list of standard books recommended by PrepLadder experts

4. Revision is a must

Learning without revision will surely go into vain. Therefore, revision is a big deal that can be a life changer if you follow it sincerely. In case you don’t take it seriously, it may cost you a year. So, last 3 months of revision is very important to ace the topics you have prepared for the exam.

5. Practice online mock tests

Aspirants usually become careless when it comes to practising online mock test, may be because they think that paying for online mock tests is not a good decision to make as they have already prepared for the examination and practiced on conventional offline test papers.

But this decision may cost you and can lead to a huge disaster as candidates are not aware with the online pattern of the exam
and the software being used. This may result in slowing down their speed and due to which candidate may not be able to attempt too many questions. 

You can also prepare with PrepLadder Free NEET MDS test series and can utilize premium content that will surely help you while learning. Our exclusive technology aids in growth.

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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Preparation Schedule for NEET MDS in 8 Months

The schedule for the preparation of NEET MDS within 8 months can be broadly divided into 3 stage process.

Stage 1 - Study (First 5-6 months)

Stage 1 is the initial time when you just start with studying the syllabus topic wise. Depending on your grasping power and speed, one will easily take about 4 to 6 months to go through the topics. On an average, preparation of all the topics will take about 5 months. At this stage, never take full length mock tests as you will get demotivated. Rather take subject wise tests for practice.


Stage 2 - Revise

Revision is something that is required from time to time. This helps in refreshing the content and be well versed with whatever you have prepared. Revision can also be done in 3 phases.

Phase 1

You should spare some time daily for revision of the topic prepared that same day. This will help you to have a clear understanding of the topic.

Phase 2

After every fortnight, one must revise the syllabus covered in last two weeks.

Phase 3

After going through the entire syllabus to be covered, last 3 months should be reserved only for revision. Benefit of this revision is that it refreshes the topics. If you keep revising again and again, this will help you retain and save these topics in your memory for a very long time.


Stage 3 – Practice

Once you feel your preparation is done, don’t be overconfident and neglect the practice phase. Practice as much as you can both by conventional as well as online sources.

Take as many tests as you can. Join online test series and take mock tests.

At this time, you are well versed with all the topics, so in addition to subject wise test also take the full length tests. This will help you gain confidence and increase your speed.

PrepLadder provides you with the best available resource for practice with its acclaimed "Test Packages", view its unique features here

Try to improve with every full length mock test you take, analyse in which subject you make mistakes in or waste time and try to revise and improve on such topics or subjects.

With every mock test, climb one step ahead and reach the top of the ladder when you take NEET MDS and fulfil all your dreams.

Give Your Best.

Prepladder Wishes You All The Best!!

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India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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