In this era of intense competition, aspirants face a large number of hurdles related to preparations. Most of you must be putting a lot of hard work in grabbing a seat in your dream dental institution. Hence, it is important to plan your study strategy and follow it with full devotion, concentration and focus.

This article will help, guide and motivate you in your hard-hitting preparations to crack NEET MDS.


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1. Well begun is half done,study strategy

It is a herculean task to compete with thousands of students, hence, most important part of preparation is making a strategy and setting your goals. Be determined to start your preparation well in time. Daily contribute sufficient time to your study to get a desirous result. Don’t wait for the last minute to cover the syllabus. Efforts and hard work will surely lead you to success. 


2. Study material

You must refer to standard books that you studied during BDS. Go for good quality books on MCQs, online lectures, videos, and notes for preparation. Do not waste your time on buying plenty of books which may not be of any use. Discuss with your teachers and friends about the most appropriate books and study material.

Here is the List of Important Books you must have for NEET MDS preparation.


3. Previous year papers

Previous exam papers are the best guide in your preparation. You come across the exam pattern and the most important topics of the syllabus. You can judge the difficulty level and the weightage given to the each subject.

PrepLadder has prepared a list of all the important topics asked over the past 10 years.


4. Revision and practice

Revision is one of the most vital part of the study plan. Revising increases your memory which ultimately transformes into knowledge that is life long. Try to revise whole syllabus atleast twice before exam.

Practice,practice and practice!

The more you practice, the more you learn. This is most essential while you prepare for NEET MDS.

5. Time management

Effective time management is an art which you learn from consistent practice. It is the most essential component to prepare for your exam to get a good rank. Avoid multi tasking and compiling the subjects together. First finish what you started and then move on to another subject. Do one thing at one point. Keep a check on the time you take while doing a mock test and try to reduce it with subsequent practice.

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6. Go committed

Commitment is a glue that bonds you to your goals. When you are committed, you accept no excuses and only results. Avoid any type of distraction that diverts you from your dream. Leave aside all the worries, news, movies, social media, phone while you prepare for exams. Keep your Focus on the Exam.

7. Motivate yourself

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destination. Keeping this in mind, just keep yourself motivated and remember ‘I can and I will’. Do whatever that keeps you motivated. Talk to a family member or a friend that really thinks good for you and discuss your dreams so they can motivate you.

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8. Practice mock tests

Mock tests are the best way to analyze and evaluate your preparation. Try to solve as many as MCQs as possible after you finish your topic and try to improve your weak areas to be successful. This will also increase your speed and helps in time management.

Practice Free Mock Tests here

9. Take short breaks

Long study hours can deplete your energy and efficiency. Always take some time in between your studies to rejuvenate your mind and avoid saturation. This will lead to learn more effectively again. Take breaks in form of a small walk, meditation, yoga and any such activity that freshen your mind. Studying in 30-50 minutes interval with 10 minutes break in between is the most effective way to retain information.

10. Smart study,

Smart study is the key of success for many toppers. It is the golden rule to the vast syllabus of tough entrance exams. SMART means to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound. Try to learn some tricks and shortcuts from various books and online that will save your time and are easy to memorize.


We hope that these tips will help and guide you in reaching your goal, that is, NEET-MDS. Just be optimistic and have faith. Your hard work will definitly going to pay you back.




India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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