When the word ‘Army’ comes to our mind, it brings a definite picture of carrying out tasks in a proper disciplined manner.  It’s a dream of every dental aspirant to be a part of Army Dental Corps because it is considered as the most desirous organization to start an impressive career for dental graduates/postgraduates.

Since  Government Jobs are dwindling day by day by creating gigantic problems among the students, in these circumstances, Army Dental Corps, a crucial part of Indian Army, is the only organization in India which offers so many jobs in a government sector to dental graduate(for both UG and PG).

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It is frequently seen that students have a plenitude of queries in their mind regarding the interview of Army Dental Corps for dental graduates and postgraduates.

In this blog, we would like to provide you with some important tips which will definitely help you out at the time of appearing for the Army Dental Corps’ interview:


  • You should not get over anxious during your interview time.
  • To attend an interview, you should be dressed in properly. Always maintain smart and tidy appearance while entering the interview room. You should wear decent clothes.
  • While entering the interview room, you should ask for permission to enter the room with a smile and after entering to the room, greet everyone very graciously.
  • The interviewer may start the interview by asking you with very simple question related to your background, family, college, hobbies etc. While answering these questions, you should behave politely and try to speak only the truth without making up things. While introducing yourself, always try to highlight your achievements which you have achieved in different fields.

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  • After completion of your introductory part, they may ask you question about your interest to join Army Dental Corps i.e why do you want to join the ADC (Army Dental Corps)? And questions regarding your knowledge about Army life along with other questions, such as, why you think this profession is suitable for you and why you think you are suitable for this profession. 
  • They may also judge you by asking questions about your strength and your weakness.


The following points should be kept in mind while answering interviewers:

  • Always try to listen to the questions very carefully and if you have not understood the question or you have any confusion regarding these questions, politely ask them again for clarification.
  • Take your time to think and then answer the questions. You should not answer haphazardly, always be cool and calm while answering to the interviewers.
  • You must conversate in a loud and clear voice so that interviewers can understand your answer. However, this does not mean that you should speak too loudly as it may cause irritation to your interviewers.
  • During replying interviewers, don’t bluff around if you have not sufficient knowledge about the topic you have been asked. Always try to be natural and speak only the truth.
  • After completion of the interview, leave when you are told to leave and leave the room while greeting everyone once again.

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“Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.”-quoted George Washington

We hope this blog will really help you to get an initial idea about the interview of ADC.

Wish you all the very best….

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India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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