Anatomy is the cornerstone of the medical science which is, thereby, taught in the 1st year of the medical or dental course as it covers a lot of ground for the basics of various other subjects.

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However, students face difficulty calling up this basic knowledge at this point of examination when days are numbered.

It is burdensome to cover up the entire syllabus within the given time when you can allow yourself only about a week for each subject. Therefore, selective study is the key here with the intention of completing the syllabus without affecting your result.

This article will shed light upon the important topics, which were one of the deciders in bringing a difference to the students ranking, according to the previous year exam pattern as the main focus was on the basic medical subjects that accounted for majority of questions on the whole.


Following are the important topics from each section and method to prepare them in nick of the time:


Head and Neck

Vascular supply, lymphatic drainage, nerve supply and muscles of head and neck are the topics of utmost importance in this section of anatomy for dental exam. These topics cannot afford to be missed out. Moreover, cranial nerves are the next topic which is most important and should be well-versed with their name, number and associated function.

Face : Facial muscles, along with their origin, insertion and function, are another important part of your preparation. Moreover, arteries of face are a noteworthy topic of this section.

Arch of aorta : Thoroughly learn various branches and its divisions that form the major vascular supply of head and neck.

Palate : There have been questions in various entrance exams from this part which includes questions on hard and soft palate along, especially the muscles of soft palate.   

Tongue : Various questions have been asked frequently alone from topic tongue. Its muscles, embryology and development, vascular supply, lymphatic drainage and nerve supply are indispensable topics.

Brain and spinal cord :  

Most significant topics include:

Scalp: Structure, Arterial supply and Aponeurotic layer of scalp are some of the topics you should be well-versed with.

Brain: Brain has vast number of topics; however following are the topics that should not be overlooked:

    • Different layers of brain
    • Cerebrum, Cerebral cortex, Cerebellum, Midbrain, Medulla
    • Venous sinuses of duramater
    • Limbic system
    • Blood Brain Barrier
    • Cavernous Sinus

Neck : Cervical fascia, infrahyoid muscles, sternocleidomastoid muscle, different triangles of neck.

Other topics : Continue studying various glands and associated anatomy of the head and neck. Location, boundaries, structures passing through them, vascular supply and nerve supply of glands such as salivary glands, thyroid glands, pharynx and larynx must be thoroughly revised. Moreover, questions have also been asked from major and minor constrictors of pharynx.  

Other important topics paramount are contents of orbit along with muscles of eye, lacrimal apparatus, nose and paranasal sinuses.

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Abdomen is equally importance from any dental exam point of view. Priority must be given to anatomy of organs such as liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys. This must include their internal structure, arterial and venous supply along with the abdominal muscles.



It is trivial to study entire osteology and hence, selective viewpoint must be kept while studying this section. Most cardinal topics are types of bones, bones of facial skeleton, sutures along with their meeting points, types of joints especially temporomandibular joint.

Keep yourself acquainted with various foramina and important vessels and nerves passing through them as direct questions have been asked from this topic and will surely score you a mark. Also, maxilla and mandible are vital topics for dental exam. Learn about foramen and structures passing through them along with muscles and ligaments attached to them. Carry on your preparation with muscles of mastication i.e. another dominant topic in regard to various dental exams.



In this section of the anatomy, give emphasis on derivatives of different ridges and cartilages. Focus your attention on topics such as:

  • Different pharyngeal arches
  • Stages of embryonic craniofacial development
  • Structures derived from neural crest

About 2 or 3 questions are expected to be asked from this section.

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You need to prepare this section well as every year a question is asked. However, do not cram up everything, only selective topics need to be focused. Epithelium, particularly its types and functions, are crucial topics to be memorized from this section. Other important topics include cartilages, particularly its types and functions. Also, questions have been asked in previous year exams about the histology of various types of glands along with their functions.



Most frequently, questions based upon cell cycle have been included in various dental entrance exams every alternate year. Therefore, it is recommended that be well prepared for this topic as well so that you are able to answer, in case it is asked in exam.

Final piece of advice

One general tip that can be implied for all the topics is that don’t miss out vascular supply, nerve supply and lymphatic drainage of any region.


You may refer to the following BOOKS in order to become proficient in anatomy :

ANATOMY : B.D.Chaurasia's Human Anatomy

EMBRYOLOGY : Inderbir Singh - Textbook of Human Embryology

HISTOLOGY : Inderbir Singh - Textbook of Human Histology


Moreover, study from good books on MCQs and refer to an atlas for any further illustration.

Dedicatedly preparing the above mentioned topics will assist you in answering the majority of questions from General Anatomy in any dental entrance exams that are at edge.

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Good Luck!!

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