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NEET-MDS needs a blend of dedication and smart strategy in order to outshine in this competitive scenario. Therefore, it’s imperative to beat the clock and plan out a strategy.

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Prepladder’s experienced faculty long for bridging the gap between your dreams and reality and hence, has come up with the 9 effective tactics to ensure your success in NEET-MDS.

These tactics, if followed properly, will assist you in preparing for NEET MDS better than your competitors.


Be extraordinary among ordinary

In competitive exams, marks you obtain don’t matter but what matter is your marks in comparison to other competitors. Therefore, know your competition first. Take mock tests and all grand tests to analyze your performance. This will allow you to formulate a preparation strategy and highlighting your weaker areas, thus, improving your score and performance gradually. This is the right time to attempt mock tests and don’t procrastinate even if you are not getting good marks as score will surely improve with time and practice.   


Stay Focused

Focus is not just about sitting at a desk and studying but it’s about getting rid of distractions and negative thoughts. Pay proper attention while you are studying and avoid getting distraught by other things. Focus is pivotal to grab a seat in your desired institution but perseverance is a must to be a top ranker.


Study in groups

It is a great idea to study in group as you can exchange knowledge with each other and may acquire information you may not know. Moreover, you can clarify your doubts with each other. Learning is quicker if you discuss and study together with friends who are focused, dedicated and have the knowledge.


Refer to Standard Books for Doubts

To clear doubts some students refer to MCQ books which is a wrong practice. MCQ books are meant for practicing and not for preparing topics. The best source to be referred for doubts is standard text books as sometimes answer may be wrong in MCQ books and hence, your concepts work in order to pick correct answer and for this standard books alone must be referred. After finishing preparation from the recommended books you may refer to MCQ books for practice.

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Study Smart

Hard work along with smart study is an additional advantage in cracking this competitive exam. In order to complete the syllabus, you may miss out the important topics from NEET-MDS point of view. Therefore, smart study is helpful which includes focusing on important topics and preparing them properly. Moreover, dedicate less time to those areas which are not frequently asked and hence, this time can be saved for other important topics and completing the syllabus on time. This results in good scoring without exhausting yourself much.

Join the most competitive test series for NEET MDS preparation.

Avoid studying from multiple books

One of the reasons that affect your preparation is referring to multiple books. This creates confusion and leads to wastage of time by diverting your focus. Every book has its own perspective and explanation. So, it is advised to refer only standard books for preparation. This can save your time and efforts which can be utilized for covering the syllabus.  


Take short breaks

Taking short break after long study hours is recommended between preparations. It is needed so that brain gets time to replenish the energy which is depleted due to retention of so much information. Therefore, to stay fit and increase focus, it is necessary to do something which relaxes you such as a walk or meditation. This results in improvement in memory and eventually good score. Avoid visiting social media sites as these are highest source of distraction.


Effective time management

Time management is not something you learn by reading but practicing. Difficulty in managing time and completing the syllabus on time are hurdles that many aspirants face. Thus, time management skills can be attained by practicing mock tests and previous years question papers in allotted time. This enhances your speed gradually and assists you with management of time during exam.  


Do guesswork with caution

There is no negative marking in NEET-MDS but there is prometric system of marking. Each question is not marked uniformly and may change according to difficulty level. You can attempt as many question but keep in mind that accuracy level have a role in deciding your rank. So, logically attempt the question and answer if you are at least 50% sure for it. This intelligent guessing technique is helpful for questions you are totally unaware of.

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Your future depends on what you do today, so start preparing prudently, keeping the above mentioned tactics in mind, in order to outrival in NEET-MDS 2017.

Stay Motivated!!

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Join the most competitive test series for NEET MDS preparation.


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