To prepare every topic, for MDS entrance, from a huge syllabus in nick of the time needs an ideal study approach. One must filter out the important topics and summarize the key points to cover up the syllabus within short duration.

Preparing notes is always beneficial as you are able to learn everything at one place and prepare for exam efficiently. These provide the synopsis of the entire chapter including the core and topics that should not to be missed. Moreover, for faster and better revision, notes are always helpful.

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Each student has different methods to prepare notes. Some write down everything they read while some keep notes very simple and short.

So the question arises, what is the method to prepare perfect notes without using much of the preparation time?

To answer this question, some effective strategies to prepare notes have been compiled in this blog.  


  • Try to identify the most relevant information from the chapters.
  • Do not write down a lot of information and write important points only.
  • Filter out the topics for which you need to prepare more.
  • Prepare notes that are more precise and accurate.
  • Opt for a suitable method to create notes according to your learning style.
  • Try to make a short summary of the chapter in the end that must include all the important information needed to prepare the topic. This saves time while revising.



  • Some topics from medical and dental subjects have long descriptions. Therefore, try to write important headings, topics and sub-topics and highlight them.
  • Create topic wise notes.
  • Divide paragraphs into points by using bullets for quick reading and learning.
  • Important points should be underlined.

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  • Make a separate column of the keywords or hot words which provide a brief idea about the topic and helps in longer retention.
  • Index will guide you directly to the part you want to revise as there is vast syllabus and thus, help in avoiding confusion.



  • Use different colored pens or highlighters to draw your attention towards the important topics.
  • Mark the important words or sentences with highlighters to make the information more readable and easy to learn.
  • Use different colored pens to prepare notes as it is easy to memorize notes when linked with color. 
  • Colors code diagrams, mainly those of anatomy and histology.



  • This technique is highly recommended to be put into practice as visual learning helps in recalling things more quickly than any other method.
  • Make tables to keep the notes short and precise.
  • Try to draw diagrams and pictures, wherever possible, from textbooks as they will make you remember the whole topic for long duration. Especially in subjects such as general anatomy and physiology.
  • These are good for flash-carding and memory-retrieving.

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  • Writing abbreviations can save your time and can help you to write more effectively.
  • Try to abbreviate long words that are repeated again and again. For example, use ‘Rx’ for treatment and ‘Px’ for prognosis.
  • Abbreviations and symbols will, moreover, keep your notes quick and precise.
  • Familiarize yourself with more medical and dental abbreviations to minimize the time spent in preparing notes.

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  • It is one of the most effective methods to prepare notes.
  • It enhances better learning.
  • Frame questions from each topic and then summarize the answers to the questions in your notes using your own language.



  • Regularly update your notes as medical subjects are vast and you may get new information of a topic once covered somewhere else.
  • Combine the old and new information at one place only.
  • Do not create new flashcards if there is space for new information.
  • If you come across something new about the topic, update it in your notes. Moreover, when you update your notes, your revision is simultaneously occurring as you go through the notes.

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  • Try to improve your notes and stay updated with latest technologies to bring variation in your notes to prevent monotony which is the main reason why some students lose interest while preparing or revising notes.
  • Don’t misplace your notes and keep them safe. Prefer notebooks than using loose papers.
  • Draw a content box on the first page of the notebook so that you can easily access the desired topic.
  • Most importantly, revise your notes after covering every topic for better learning and getting good score in any MDS entrance exam. 

We hope this blog will help you in preparing perfect notes for MDS entrance exams without taking much of your preparation time.


Good Luck!!

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