Competition for MDS entrance exams is escalating every year. Thousands of students appear for the exam, but only few are able to get through despite hard work and devotion.

PrepLadder experts analyzed the reasons considerable for failure of candidates to get desired seat in first attempt and through this blog, will familiarize you all with the same so that you do not commit same mistakes this year.

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Reasons that hold you back from getting success in MDS entrance exams:


  • Ignorant about the competition

Commonly, candidates are unaware about the competition and in order to compete, first know your competition well. For very few seats, thousands of candidates compete which lowers the chances of getting a desirable seat. Every year cut-off varies depending upon number of candidates appearing and their performance, difficulty level and number of seats. Therefore, to taste reality, regularly attempt All-India mock tests to know your level of preparation and ranking across the nation prior to the real exam. 


  • Failure to manage time

Due to exam anxiety and stress, candidates fail to manage time during the exam and are unable to attempt 240 questions in 3 hours. This occurs most commonly due to lack of thorough preparation and not practicing sufficient mock tests. Moreover, many questions are left un-attempted due to time issues which further reduce chances of success.

It is an important factor that determines your success in this intense competition, hence, for effective time management practice as many mock tests as you can and try to improve your skills with subsequent attempts.

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  • Unclear about previous years analysis and cut-offs

Candidates often fail to realize the importance of analyzing previous year’s papers and cut off. Analyzing acquaints you with the strategy to be followed in order to prepare along with interpretation of weightage of certain topics that should not be missed, difficulty level of exam and type of questions that may be asked. You may also determine targeted score according to previous year’s cut-off.  


  • Unaccustomed to online mode of exam

MDS entrance exams are conducted online now and some candidates are accustomed to traditional mode of exams i.e. offline. Therefore, they feel uncomfortable and are unable to attempt the exam properly on newer platform. They spend most of the time struggling with the software while other competitors move ahead leading to their success. Overall performance is affected as speed and accuracy is reduced.

To overcome this reason of failure, only method is to practice more and more on our most proficient Online Testing Platform.

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  • Lack of practice and revision

Practice and revision is utmost important while preparing for MDS entrance while some candidates fail to do so. Candidates fail to recall what they prepared due to lack of proper revision and practice which ultimately affect the score.

To improve overall performance, attempt mock tests and revise your topics time to time which will help you to analyze your weak areas and will expose you to newer questions.


  • Ill-logical guesswork

Although there is no negative marking, but there is normalized system of marking in MDS entrance exams which candidates sometimes do not know. Candidates ill-logically attempt almost all questions thinking there is no negative marking; however, they lag behind as marking is done on the basis of difficulty level and each question’s marking varies.

Avoid blind guesswork and if you need to guess answers, opt for intelligent guesswork. Attempt only if you are 50% confident about the answer, otherwise it is better to leave it unattempted.

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  • Unable to focus on speed and accuracy during mock tests

Some candidates fail to keep a check on speed and accuracy while attempting mock tests. Analysing the mock tests that you attempt is necessary in order to know your weaknesses and manage time effectively.

Always set a timer and try to complete mock test within stipulated time. Then analyze the time you took for solving the test and which were the questions you were unable to attempt or appeared difficult to you. Subsequently, improve your preparation and thus, accuracy which also play a part in deciding your rank.  


  • Giving up early

Cracking MDS entrance may seem a hard nut to crack for some candidates and thus, they are crestfallen and ultimately give up. Negative thoughts are sure to crop up but success is inevitable to those who dare to attempt.

Success comes when you refuse to give up, with goals so strong, that obstacles and failure only act as motivation.


“Make bold moves towards your dream each day, refuse to stop and nothing can stop you”

Utilize the time left to work on these reasons to avoid the failure and we wish you achieve success in this year’s exams.


Best of Luck!!

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