Memorizing is the most important and challenging task for students preparing for MDS entrance exams. Powerful memory is always considered helpful to achieve success in exams.

Every student has a fear that their minds will go blank during the exam. Due to this, they tend to forget whatever they studied. However, memory techniques are helpful in remembering difficult and abundant information.

This blog will enlighten you about effective methods to incomparably improve your memory and one must nurture those which work best for them to crack the exams.

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Techniques to Enhance Memory:


  1. Get Organized – For medical subjects, organizing properly the facts and data is the basic and best way for memorizing and recalling facts. No one expects you to learn each and every thing. Always list the topics that are important to learn in alphabetical or chronological order. Acquaint yourself with a general idea of the material; note the subject material in order of simple to complex and general to specific. This makes memorizing logical facts easier.


  1. Make It Significant - Look for relations in what and why you are studying. Almost every successful aspirant begins with a belief that future can be better than present. Significant focusing on the target to get a MDS seat and visualising your dreams come true adds up to the process of learning and motivates to remember.


  1. Form associations – Correlating the subjects is the best strategy as various medical and dental subjects are closely related. To remember effectively, relate the newer information with what you are already informed. When you tackle with new subject, build a memory bank for basic information. Correlation improves memory recall and longer retention.


  1. Stay ActivePeople remember 90 percent of what they do, 75 percent of what they see and 20 percent of what they hear. Thus majority of the memory is from what you do. Involve your whole body while learning. Study with enthusiasm and full energy. Sit on the chair with back straight, move your hands and practice with standing up while you study. If your body is actively involved, memory will surely improve.


  1. Relax – Medical studies can be exhaustive as there are numerous things to memorize. When your mind is relaxed, you tend to grasp more knowledge quickly and accurately. Relaxation is referring to the state of alertness and devoid of distractions or stress. Eat proper meals, avoid caffeine and do proper exercise for relaxation and confidence.

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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  1. Create visuals – As stated above, human mind retains 75% of what it sees.  Thus, draw diagrams and pictures to link facts especially for anatomy subject. Make flowcharts for diseases and its treatment modalities. Information becomes easier to absorb and memorize them for longer duration with visual aids. Your mind will retain these images for a longer time compared to text paragraphs.


  1. Speak out loud and Revise – Using two or more senses is a powerful memory technique and effective way to master the subjects. Revision is the key to preparation. Moreover, memory is increased if you speak out loud to yourself.

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  1. Write notes – Studies suggest that writing notes improves learning and retention. If we write down any topic several times, chances to remember are increased. Thus, this is a secret of success for many MDS entrance exam toppers.


  1. Avoid Interference – Study area must be free from distractions. Studies have revealed that students study more effectively in peaceful area as compared to noisy environment.


  1. Learn more than you need to know – Don’t leave the topic when you think you are done with it. As medical subjects are vast, learn more than you need to know while preparing for exams. Always give atleast one revision to the topic after you are done. This increases your speed, accuracy and confidence for the exam. Always remember the phrase "I beat that subject to death!"


  1. Revise your Notes the Same Day – For longer retention, revise notes you prepared within 24 hours as studies show that revising on the same day, we tend to increase the chances of remembering by over 70 percent.

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  1. Use peak energy time for study – Study most difficult subjects when your energy levels are at peak in a day. Some concentrate more during day while some prefer evening/night hours. Observe your peak energy hours and formulate study schedule accordingly.


  1. Take periodic breaks – Try short spaced-out sessions instead of continuous long study hours.Some students can study 50 minutes or more, others need to stop after 30 minutes. It is a brain-friendly technique to prevent overloading of the brain. Take short breaks, such as a short walk or listening to music etc, as this will allow new information to be grasped quickly.


  1. Be Optimistic – Negative thoughts tend to increase chances of failure. Therefore, to succeed in MDS entrance exams, you need to dump negative thoughts and inculcate positive thoughts. Believe in yourself that you can achieve success instead thinking it as difficult and unachievable. Self-confidence is important for memory. Even if you find any subject to be difficult, recite to yourself "It’s not easy, but I am tough and I accept this challenge." This is a self-fulfilling prophecy as attitude directly effects the memory!

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  1. Selective study – Choose topics which are important to retain. Go through previous years question papers and mock tests as well to know what topics are repeatedly asked. Learn selective topics that are vital and carry more weightage and use abbreviations and mnemonics for lengthy topics to memorize easily.

  2. Combine Memory Techniques - Memory techniques are more effective when combined. You can over-learn a topic, think positively and take short breaks to enhance your memory as a result of synergistic effect.

  1. Do brainstorming – In case you are stuck and unable to memorize, associate it with something related to the information. Ask yourself questions to create more associations as many medical subjects are inter-related. Write down all the information related to question and this will ultimately lead to the answer you were trying to recall.


  1. Keen observer – To develop memory, notice which memory technique works best for you. In case you try a technique that did not work, do not worry and experiment another technique. Observe which technique worked and felicitate yourself when you memorize with the help of that technique.

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  1. Retain before you lose – Discuss the information as it may fade away with time. Therefore, read it, write it or speak about it. Retain your notes and review them regularly before you forget certain topic.


  1. Positive declaration of your good memory – Avoid thinking that you won’t be able to remember or you have poor memory. Do not give up as you tend to forget and soon you will be able to recall what you have read. Moreover, whenever you recall the information, always compliment yourself to boost your confidence.


We hope that these techniques will assist you in becoming memory masters and will lead you to success in MDS entrance exams.


All the Best!!

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