DCI’s proposal for bridge course for the BDS students to pursue MBBS has been doing the rounds since few days. In this regard, here are the latest updates as MCI has approved BDS to MBBS bridge course, following which a Joint Study Group (JSG) of MCI-DCI has been constituted.

This committee will be headed by Chairperson Dr Vedprakash Mishra who will be deciding the guidelines for planning the bridge course along with Dr Keshvan Kutti Nair and Dr R K Sharma as other members.

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As a fact, the proposal for 3-year bridge course from BDS to MBBS was put forward by DCI in year 2016 as a solution to the severe shortage of MBBS professionals, especially in the rural areas. Moreover, it would also benefit the BDS graduates who are jobless and facing difficulties in continuing their career after completion of the degree.

The committee’s chairman Dr Vedprakash Mishra has been working on outlining various modalities and viability of the bridge course as the committee found certain shortfalls in the curriculum proposed by DCI while reviewing.

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Some aspects of the bridge course, as per Dr Mishra, that needs consideration are as follows:

  • Firstly, according to the committee, the curriculum proposed by DCI was old and thus, needs some amendments.
  • Secondly, MCI has adopted a new competency-based integrated course which is approved by Government of India. Thus, the committee is considering the incorporation of the bridge course in this integrated course, provided the competency needs to be integrated.
  • Thirdly, the course contents of MBBS which are taught to BDS students during their course need to be finalized to exclude them from this proposed bridge course.
  • Fourthly, Dr Mishra plans to include internship in this 3-year condensed bridge course since the MBBS students also need to complete internship during their course.  
  • Lastly, the decision needs to be taken that whether students pursuing bridge course will be registered by DCI, MCI, or by both, since BDS graduates are registered under DCI & MBBS graduates under MCI.

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Dr Mishra has stated that the final guidelines and curriculum recommended for the bridge course between BDS & MBBS will be submitted to MCI by December end.

This move is being accepted and welcomed by most of the medical professionals across the country; however, they need to wait a little more for the final decision regarding this proposal.

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India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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