With just a few days left for NEET MDS, 2018, the aspirants must be busy giving final touch to their exam preparations. Some candidates might be nervous, some curious, some bewildered, some anxious. At this time you need not buzz yourself with plenty of questions about the exam. You have already given your best. This is the time to revise what you have done till now.

NEET MDS is scheduled to be held 7th January, 2018 (Sunday). So, it’s time to give a final touch to your preparation. Prepare very prudently and never let a minute go waste as very minute is countable. Someone has rightly said,

“The best preparation for tomorrow is good work done today”

In order to avoid the anxiety before the exam, we are here with the last minute tips for NEET MDS, 2018.

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Last minute Tips for NEET MDS, 2018


  • Make your own strategy

Every person has his own strength and weakness, thus follow your own instincts to prepare for the examination, if you will try to follow someone else you will definitely end up being a failure.

Hence, don’t blindly follow your peers and friends; try to frame your own strategies on the basis of your strength and approach in Mock / Practice tests. Have a positive frame of mind towards your exam and trust yourself, so that you can give your best.


  • Don’t study at a stretch

It is advised not to study at a stretch. NEET MDS aspirants must take frequent breaks between subjects and topics during their preparation. Do something that relaxes your mind. Breaks work like recharging your exhausted battery.

To keep your energy levels high, you should resort to light snacks and fruits between 3 main meals.


  • Go through your notes and highlights

We are sure you must have made some notes and highlights in the text book. It is very important to skim through the main notes and highlighted texts. You don’t have to study the topics in detail. Just give a thorough reading and try to recall what all you have already studied.

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  • Don’t start a new topic at the last moment

Starting a new topic at the last moment will only create an immense trouble and confusion which will affect your overall preparation. This time must be utilized in revising the topics which you have already studied.


  • Practice Mock Tests

The main purpose of the Mock Tests is to prepare you for the final examination, Mock Tests gives you a real feel of the exam much prior to the exam. It helps to reshape your preparation both physically as well as mentally according to the final day, try to take up mock tests during 3-6 P.M. slot in accordance with the final day timings; this will help your body cycle to work at its maximum capacity during the exam hours. Also mock tests will help you by familiarizing with the examination environment as well as help you know the factors which may act as the obstacles in your performance, your mistakes and weak topics and aid you in proper time management. By practicing Mock tests, you will be able to brush up your concepts. It is the best approach to recall the concepts as well as to analyze your pre-exam performance.

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  • Don’t forget about negative marking

While making guesses, just keep in mind that one-fourth marks assigned to that question will be deducted as a penalty and prevent you from arriving to the desired score. So, avoid making blind guesses which could put you in a big trouble.

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  • Avoid distractions

You should frame a distraction free zone to study effectively at last minute. Avoid all those things that distract you and maintain an environment where you feel positive and comfortable to study.


  • Put aside the phobia of difficulty level

Don’t let the phobia of difficulty level hamper your score. If the exam turns out to be difficult, it will be difficult for everyone, and if it is easy, it will be easy for everyone. So, stop worrying about the difficulty level of the exam and just focus on your preparations and give your best. Moreover, examination is only difficult for those whose preparation is not up to the mark, just do your part, rest everything will be fine. 


  • Take proper sleep on the night before the exam

Take a sound sleep before the day of your examination because sound mind resides within a sound body. A sound sleep will rejuvenate you and you will be able to remember as well as recall everything better with a fresh mind.


  • Equip yourself with all the necessary documents

To avoid the last minute rush and unnecessary tension, keep all the requirements ready a night before the day of examination like, take the printout of your NEET MDS admit card also, don’t forget to keep Photo ID proof in original.

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  • Keep Calm and Be Confident

If you were dedicated and have utilized your time efficiently, then have confidence in yourself and in your abilities. You have prepared well for the examination and will definitely be able to crack the exam. Just stay calm and believe yourself.

Someone has rightly said,

“Believe you can and you are half way there”

Hope this article will prove helpful in your last day’s preparation and in boosting your confidence. We wish you good luck; NEET MDS will be a great success.

India's best faculty come together to create India's best test series

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