Many candidates who took NEET MDS exam have reviewed it as moderately difficult.

Increased difficulty coupled with negative marking is a lot aspirants under confident about their attempt.

So we tried to collect information from the candidates who took the exam to help you understand how the exam, was for others.

We have tried to consolidate data from all the responses and give you an accurate picture of the exam.

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Overall Difficulty Level (Moderate – Tough)

Majority of the students who appeared for the exam stated that the exam was Moderate-Difficult.

According to the reviews shared by the candidates,

51% found the exam to be difficult;

44% found the exam to be moderate; &

5% found the exam to be easy.

Many students have rated the exam more or less like AIIMS MDS.

32% found the exam to be easier than last year NEET exam while 68% found the exam to be difficult than the last year’s NEET exam.


Pattern of Questions

‘One Liners’ seemed to rule NEET MDS 2018.

Questions were generally one-liners, conceptual, theory based and required thorough knowledge.

There were very few clinical questions.

The exam contained only 1 image based question which was very disappointing for the students.

Overall there was a mix of Easy and Difficult questions- easy were very easy and difficult ones were very difficult.

Marks distribution per subject released earlier by NBE was not strictly followed in the exam.


High Weightage Subjects

  • Pharmacology
  • Medicine
  • Dental Material
  • Oral Pathology/Oral Medicine
  • Genetics

Overall, there were more questions from 3rd year subjects.


Low Weightage Subjects

The subjects which carried considerably low weightage included:

  • Endodontics
  • Orthodontics

The exam consisted of almost 60% Medical questions and only 40% Dental questions. 

How many questions did the candidates attempt?

2 % students attempted 240 questions

22 % students attempted 200-230 questions

52% students attempted 180-200 questions

19% students attempted 150-180 questions

5% attempted less than 150 questions.

120-140 questions were easy to attempt for everyone.


Questions from PrepLadder’s NEET MDS Mock Exam

Candidates reported that 7-10 direct repeats from the recent NEET MDS Mock Exam conducted by PrepLadder appeared in NEET MDS exam.

Candidates expressed their gratitude as to how PrepLadder’s Marathon Pack helped them in thorough preparation and helped them enhance their score and Mock Exam provided them exposure to the real exam environment prior to actual exam. As many questions appeared from PrepLadder Test Series.


Other common comments received about the exam

  • Multiple revisions were required for a good attempt.
  • Dental subjects were easy while Medical subjects were very difficult.
  • Medical subjects had high weightage and students felt like taking medical paper instead of dental paper.
  • Options were very confusing and twisted.
  • There were 15-20 Alien/Bouncer questions of which the students had never heard.
  • Cut-off will be low this year.



NBE had earlier confirmed that the students will be provided with Pen and Paper at their exam centres but most of the candidates complained that at various exam centres they were not provided with Pen and Paper which posed a major difficulty for students.

We will try to get response from NBE on the same.


Hope this blog helps you plan better if you are preparing for the next year’s NEET MDS.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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