The much-awaited notification for FMGE Dec 2019 session exam is out. Aspirants can now get themselves registered for the upcoming December exam.

FMGE exam is a screening test which is conducted for the Indian citizens who have possessed a medical degree from a foreign university and are desirous of practicing medicine in India.

Here are we with an important update for the candidates who have passed FMGE June 2019 examination. The date-wise schedule for the issue of pass certificate & the documents required for getting pass certificate after qualifying FMGE has been released.

Here is the latest update for FMGE candidates whose results were withheld.

Exam day is the day that decides your destiny. Last minute panic situations can extremely reduce confidence levels which can then affect performance in the exam.


FMGE June 2019 exam is just a few days away. This is the time to revise what you have done till now.

It is not easy for the aspirants to concentrate for long hours but if you aspire to reach somewhere, putting in hard work is very important. With the right attitude, you are much more likely to go an extra mile with your studies and be more focused on your success.

Through this blog we would like to share with you all, the most effective ways by which you can motivate yourself for FMGE June 2019.