Whether an exam is for admissions or recruitment, MCQs form the common pattern for all such entrance exams. Hence, they need to be approached in a different, properly defined way in order to score well.

Clearing the FMGE exam requires good skills and better decision-making ability in selecting the correct answer promptly without sinking into guesswork. Despite the best preparation and hard work, candidates may get baffled by some tricky questions.

Over the years, the level of complexity in the FMGE exam has gone up considerably. The students who recently participated in the exam feel it to be of a ‘post-graduate’ level. Despite securing top-notch medical education abroad, a candidate must prepare with an increased level of intensity since there is no room for blunders at this stage.

In this article, we will throw light on the few techniques that will add up in your preparation for solving MCQs to crack your FMGE exam 

Lots of uncertainties and confusion goes through the minds of candidates who desire to pursue their Medical Undergraduate (UG) course from any Foreign Medical Institute/University and are later desirous of practicing Medicine in India.

Many people have this conception that after completing their MBBS from Abroad they don’t have many career options in India other than Clinical Practices and Teaching. This is a wrong perception as there are so many other lucrative options that an MBBS graduate can opt for as a career

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the FMGE 2020 June exam has been postponed to August/ Sept 2020. Do not let this news make you fall into the trap of feeling relaxed, thinking that you have enough time for preparation.

This blog is an attempt to motivate you and to make you aware of the key points you need to keep in mind for guaranteed success in the FMGE exam.

Here is an important update for all the candidates who have successfully qualified FMGE Dec 2019 examinations and were eagerly waiting for the pass certificates. The date-wise schedule for the issue of the pass certificate & the necessary documents required for getting a pass certificate after qualifying the exam has been released.