How to Utilize the final 45 days before FMGEFMGE exam is round the corner and with just 45 days to go, this is the time to put in your 100% efforts in order to qualify the exam.

Revision & Practice are the essential activities which must predominantly occupy the last 45 days prior to FMGE.

This post will familiarize you with the Tips as to how to effectively utilize the final 45 days for FMGE preparation.

dermatologyDermatology is among the short subjects asked in combination with Medicine in FMGE Approximately 5-6 questions are anticipated from Dermatology out of which 50% will be Image-based.

Therefore, aspirants must prepare Theory in conjunction with Images to be able to score 100% in Dermatology.

How to Prepare Pediatrics for FMGE

Pediatrics is regarded as one of the easiest and highly scoring subjects in FMGE.

Nonetheless, with new initiatives, programmes and schemes coming up, one needs to remain updated with these to be able to answer questions in FMGE.

How to Prepare Ophthalmology for FMGE

Ophthalmology is undoubtedly one of the most scoring subjects in FMGE. Astoundingly, a large number of Image Based Questions appeared from Ophthalmology in previous years’ FMGE, thereby making it an extremely significant subject.

How to Prepare Microbiology for FMGE

Microbiology is one of the toughest and highly scoring subjects in FMGE.

Recently, Image Based Questions of Microbiology are commonly observed in FMGE. So, you need to master both theory and image based MCQs in order to boost your score in Microbiology section in FMGE.