How to Answer Clinical Questions in FMGE? 

Clinical questions are set in the exam with the objective to test the candidate’s ability to apply their theoretical knowledge in a clinical scenario.

They widely vary from one liner questions in many ways.

A large number of clinical questions are expected in the FMGE exam this year.

7 hacks for better FMGE Preparation

Over the years, the difficulty level of the FMGE exam has increased significantly.

Candidates are often stated saying that the exam has attained a post-graduate level and are apprehensive of the vast syllabus of the FMGE exam.

How to motivate yourself to prepare for FMGE

Studying for FMGE is not always an easy task. Most of the candidates find studying for FMGE as one of the most herculean tasks since the syllabus is very vast and the difficulty level is very high.

This article will cast light on Effective Tips by which a candidate can motivate himself/herself for FMGE preparation.

7 Tips to crack FMGE in first attempt

Over the years, the difficulty level of FMGE has gone up  considerably. Candidates often claim that the FMGE is of the ‘post-graduate’ level nowadays.

Despite securing top-notch medical education abroad, a candidate must prepare with an increased level of intensity since there is no room for blunders at this stage.

This article will cast light on 7 tips which the aspirants must follow in order to excel in their preparation for FMGE.

Game Plan to Prepare Clinical subjects for FMGE 2017

FMGE is a screening test of licensure nature conducted by the NBE for the foreign medical graduates of Indian origin who are desirous of practising medicine in India.

The difficulty level of the FMGE exam has substantially increased over the years and candidates often claim that the exam is of the ‘post-graduate’ level.

Candidates often find the clinical subjects as the toughest owing to their vast syllabi.

Most of the candidates fail to clear the exam owing to lack of a correct preparation strategy for the Clinical subjects.

This article will share the game plan to be followed for preparation of Clinical subjects of FMGE.