Biochemistry is undoubtedly a high-yielding subject in FMGE. It is surely the most scoring subject amongst all three first prof subjects.

In order to assist you in your preparation of Biochemistry, we have compiled this article which will bring forth the Preparation Tips and the Most Important Topics of Biochemistry from FMGE perspective.

How to prepare PSM for FMGE

PSM is a highly significant subject from FMGE perspective.  

PSM (SPM or CPM or Community Medicine) appears very extensive and monotonous to most of the FMGE aspirants.

Keeping the aspirants’ concern in mind, we have compiled this article which will bring forth the Tips and the Most Important Topics of PSM from FMGE perspective.

We hope that this will surely help you to develop some interest in this subject.

Pharmacology is a very extensive subject and requires lot of cramming.

Pharmacology is almost forgotten by the time Medical students complete their final year and needs multiple revisions. But you must not worry since this problem is encountered by almost all Medical students.

You must note that there is no shortcut for gaining proficiency in this subject. You will have to revise this subject at least twice or thrice prior to appearing for FMGE.


Anatomy is a subject taught in the 1st Prof of MBBS and candidates hardly retain few glimpses from the subject by the time they complete their final Prof.

Also, time for FMGE prep is limited and wasting a lot of time per subject is not recommended. Nobody can afford to cover the entire Anatomy syllabus owing to time constraints.

Under such circumstances, the best strategy to get through the FMGE exam is Selective Study.

This article will bring forth the Important Topics of Anatomy. One general tip that we can suggest for all the topics is that you must never miss nerve supply, arterial supply and venous drainage of any region.

Gynecology and Obstetrics are two extensive subjects clubbed together under one.

Preparing all topics in these subjects is not possible since you need to dedicate most of the time to preparation of Medicine and Surgery.

Following a selective approach for Obstetrics and Gynecology would help you to excel in these subjects.

Preparing only the selected topics in these subjects is sufficient.

This article will cast light on all the important Topics in Obstetrics and Gynecology which are adequate to tackle questions in the FMGE.