Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE)

As the syllabus for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examinations is enormously vast nobody can know everything. And every topper interview you read will advise you to concentrate only on the important topics. But what are the high yield topics that constitute most of the exam?

In this blog we will provide you with the list of high yielding topics that can help you crack your exam conducted by NBE, the topics that you should master from the 19 Subjects. The list of 1131 topics has been deduced from the analysis of past exams and from over 45000 questions.

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The table given below enlists the topics in descending order of priority and examination weightage from the 19 subjects for the preparation of NBE examination.

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There is no need for the candidates to go through each and every topic in all the subjects, if an aspirants gains command over these topics mentioned in the above given table.

These topics have been tested by our experts after going through each and every Medical examination paper.

Preparing these topics will help you be more precise with the preparation focussing on the Examination point of view saving lot of extra effort and time.

The topics listed under each subject are sorted according to decreasing priority. So the first topic is most important and the last topics is the least important in every subject.

And according to our research, you’ll know 80% of the exam if you are thorough with the first 50% topics of each subject.

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Most of you would be wondering that how come we are so sure about the topics and how did we deduce such topics. Here is a brief review of what our experts did to make the preparation job easier for the aspirants of FMGE.

Stage of Analysis

  • Number of Questions in FMG Examination is 300 MCQ’s in each session. The Examination papers over 15 years were analyzed to come to this conclusion.
  • Each MCQ was tagged with its topic and then all the questions falling under same topic were brought to one place.
  • Then these topics were arranged in the decreasing order of the number MCQ’s.

Keeping these conclusions in mind our experts enlisted the important weightage topics. There is no need for an aspirant to join very expensive coaching programmes, instead device a smart plan to prepare the important topics to excel in your FMG examination.

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